Which Window Treatments are in Style?

Window Treatments Galore!!

When you are deciding on new window treatments to replace your existing window coverings or if you have a new property and are looking at window treatments, you will have a huge number of types from which to choose. There are main types and many subtypes as well.

Which Window Treatments are in Style?

Style is really about your preferences and choosing window treatments that go with your decor. There are many different types from which to choose, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for every room in your home, rental home, or business. All window treatments provide you with a list of benefits, although some do a bit better job in doing so. Read on to find out about window treatments and make an informed decision.

Benefits of Window Treatments

Maui window treatments need to satisfy many different items. They should be aesthetically pleasing, block light and heat out of your windows and increase your energy efficiency. Window coverings also need to be functional either by hand or motorization for the best of the best on the island. Some other qualities to discuss are listed below:

Improving Interior Aesthetics

Window treatments can make any room in your home or rental home convey different moods and invoke different feelings. You may decide on light and flowing draperies that will soften the mood in a room, as all soft window treatments do. You may want your home office to be non-distracting while you work and decide on a window treatment such as blinds, shades, or shutters. Kid’s rooms often have brighter palettes that lend themselves to colorful draperies or brighter colored roller shades in a cute print. Most kitchens evoke family feelings and togetherness and they usually have some brightness to them in perhaps a playful pattern. No matter what your decor is, there are many options you can choose from to find your perfect window treatment.

Protect the Interior

All window treatments help to protect the interior of your home when they are closed. The UV rays will eventually fade your textiles such as furniture, artwork, paintings, and flooring if it shines inside every day. Having window coverings on your windows will block the sun so all of your items inside your home will last longer than if they weren’t covered. When you think about replacing all of your furnishings prematurely because they’ve faded and don’t look so swell, you’ll realize what is an important item your window treatments are.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Keeping the sunshine next to your windows with your window treatments closed will trap the warm air and not allow it to enter your home. This will enable you to you less cooling in the summer to keep your home comfortable, which in turn leads to energy efficiency. The same is true in the winter when cold air is trapped next to the window to provide lower HVAC bills all year round. Another fact that not everyone thinks about is that if your HVAC system works a lot less hard, it will last much longer before parts are needing to be replaced and it will extend the entire life of your system too. Now, that’s really a money saver.

Versatility in Lights and Heating Control

Window treatments all give you versatility in your lighting and heat gain in your home. Some may open by raising them upward, some open from the center to the sides or to one side and others may swing open as double doors do. This enables you to precisely control the amount of light and heat gain you allow into your home. Most all window coverings are versatile because they can open partially to allow some light in while keeping some of the heat out. Another option is to purchase light filtering products that will filter out the glare of the sun while still allowing a perfect outdoor view of the beach or ocean.

Sound Dampening

Closing your window treatments helps to dampen outdoor noises of cars passing by or a neighbor that is having lawn work done. Any type of window treatment will help dampen sounds, but some are a bit better than others. Adding a liner to the back of any type of window covering will help greatly to keep your home quieter from the outdoor noises.

Know Your Window Treatments

Knowing the types of window treatments and the options of each of the major types will help you to choose the best coverings for your windows and suit all of your needs at the same time, while also having the versatility you crave.

window treatments


Blinds have come a long way from the standard mini blinds that were only available in white. You can choose from different materials and styles too. Aluminum horizontal blinds come in a large variety of colors now to match your decor. They open from the bottom up and can stop anywhere in between for precise light control. You can also tilt the vanes for allowing in some light without them being all the way open.

Vertical blinds open from one side to the other or they may open with both sides inward to have the stack in the center of a window or door. These were designed specifically for larger expanses of glass and glass doors because they glide along easily on tracks at the top of the window or door. Horizontal blinds would be too heavy to bear the weight of lifting them on a large window or door and the lifting mechanism would wear out prematurely.

Wood and faux wood blinds are beautiful and timeless. You can have them stained to match the woodwork in your home or have them painted in any color you wish. Faux wood appears just as beautiful as hardwood as you can see the wood grain with its interesting whorls and swirls that are highlighted by stain and paint. Faux wood is recommended for areas that have high humidity or splash zones, such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens as well as mudrooms.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are versatile and beautiful to look at as a classic window treatment. They can also be made from wood or faux wood, but they operate differently from blinds in that they swing open from the center of the window to the two sides of the window much like double doors do. You can have them mounted in many configurations that will dictate how they look when they are fully opened. Faux wood plantation shutters are often found in a breakfast nook or a kitchen window that doesn’t get a lot of sun in the cafe style. Cafe-style shutters only cover the bottom half of the window, while leaving the top open to allow some nice sunshine into your home.

Window Shades

You have many types of window shades from which to choose. Honeycomb shades are very energy efficient because they contain little pockets that trap outside temperatures next to the window very well. This helps to keep your inside temperature comfortable with less need for energy.

Roller shades are any modern flat shade that is on a roller mechanism at the top to raise and lower them. These are super versatile because you can choose from hundreds of fabrics fused to a shade backing for any style you wish.

Roman shades are available in many types of materials too. The flat Roman shade only shows folds when it’s lifted and the soft fold Roman shade has soft and graceful folds both when it’s opened and closed.

Woven wood shades are very popular on the island because they fit with the local vibes of natural products. They are made from grasses and bamboo that are woven together in many different color combinations of neutral brown, gray, and green colors.


Draperies are also made from fabrics with thousands of choices of the fabric itself and countless different designs when you choose custom draperies. You can add a valance at the top, tie-backs on the sides of drapery panels, and many different types of embellishments such as border tapes to make them truly your own creation.

All Window Treatments Remain in Style Endlessly

All types of window treatments are in style today and will prevail over the upcoming years. The reason is that as a homeowner or renter, your distinct tastes are different from others. That’s why there are so many different types of window coverings from which to choose. You can add your favorite style in colors that match any decor you may have. Call us for a free in-home consultation to discuss your window treatment needs. One of our expert designers can help you to decide which type will satisfy all of your needs and make your home look wonderful and all in one product.

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