Best Office Window Coverings for A Sleek and Neat Appearance

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Best Office Window Coverings Choices

Choosing the best office window coverings is much different than choosing window treatments for your home. When you make choices for your home, it’s most often an extension of your style and decor that you bring into each and every room of your home. However, in an office setting it’s best to use sleek designs that are easy to operate and either save money on the initial cost or save you money monthly with energy efficiency. There are several questions to ask yourself to make the best decision on your office window coverings.

Matching Your Commercial Window Treatments to Your Windows

Some commercial window treatments work better than others in an office window. It depends on the size of your windows and their orientation with the sun as to the type of window treatment that is best and the best fabric for it.

Which Direction Does Your Windows Face?

Windows that face either west or east will likely get a lot of sunlight in the early morning and late afternoon. You should consider a window covering that is made from a heavier or thicker material to block out the harsh sunlight’s rays on the island. If your windows face south and north, you pretty much have all the choices available to you so you have many more choices. An important item to note is that all your office window coverings don’t have to match each other perfectly as they did in past years. This is a more modern take on commercial businesses where you can mix and match colors, patterns, fabrics and even types of window treatments within one building.

4 Types of Blinds to Choose From To Your Office Window Coverings

Blinds of all types have always been popular for office settings. Custom window blinds of all types will fit all of your windows perfectly, no matter the size or shape of the windows. They all install inside the window frame for a sleek and neat appearance and you can choose from several types.

#1. Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are traditional and are now available in a large variety of colors, so you don’t have to settle for white or off white. Newer aluminum blinds are still very affordable and when closed they can block all of the light from entering your office space. You can also choose how they appear by what size the vanes are. The most popular sizes are the old standard mini blinds with 1/2 inch vanes, 1-inch vanes and 2-inch vanes. It’s to be noted that a larger window with mini blinds may look too busy and you might opt for a larger size vane. You can customize your aluminum blinds by adding fabric to the vanes in any color and pattern that you wish for a great accent on your windows.

#2. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are great for larger windows that are wide. Horizontal blinds can become quite heavy on wide and large windows and this leads to premature break down of the drawing mechanism. Most people don’t realize it, but vertical blinds were actually created as an alternative that is very durable and you can have them draw in different manners. They can open and stack to either side of the window or you can have them open inward and stack in the center for a custom appearance. Vertical blinds are easier to operate than horizontal blinds and much quicker to open and close without being uneven as horizontal blinds can be when you try to open or close them.

#3. Hard Wood Blinds

Hardwood blinds are a work of art in that they are both natural and beautiful. The stain or paint you choose highlights the wood grain and you can choose luxurious colors of hardwoods. The rich tones will blend in with any office decor you may have. Wood blinds are very durable and long-lasting as well as strong to last many years. 

#4. Faux Wood Blinds

Fauxwood blinds appear exactly the same as hardwood blinds but they are available at a lower price point. They don’t age as hardwood blinds do and they are made from wood and vinyl or vinyl alone. Faux wood blinds are much lighter in weight and you can choose to stain or paint them any color you like to perhaps match your logo colors. The bright sunlight coming in your windows will not allow fauxwood blinds to warp, split, bow or fade and they are usually seen with a sleek crown valance at the top that hides the stack when opened to give you a sleek and polished appearance in any office setting.

The Addition of a Blackout or Solar Shade

Since blinds mount inside of your window frame, a tiny bit of light might be seen on the sides of the blinds even when they are pulled down and fully closed. To combat this in your east and west-facing windows with ample sun, you can add a blackout or solar shade panel behind the blinds. This can help you to block out all sunlight in the windows when you need to. The shades can be made to be a bit wider than your blinds to block light from both sides and as a great addition; they will keep your rooms much cooler in the dog days of summer to save on your cooling costs.


Blinds have always been a standard for the best office window coverings; however, you now have different types of materials to choose from as well as the size and colors galore. Blinds are suited for all windows no matter the size or shape and they do have an insulating feature on their own, which is even better with a shade behind them.

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