Woven Wood Shades in Maui, HI

Woven Wood Shade Fits Perfectly in Island Style Homes

They are often called bamboo shades or matchstick shades because they are made from bamboo fibers that are woven together. They are intriguing with their natural beauty, and they retain different shades of wood all intertwined together for interesting patterns to add an exotic and beachy casual appearance to any room.

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Eco-Friendly, Budget-Friendly and Long Lasting

Woven woods are eco-friendly because bamboo is a sustainable product that grows very quickly, and it can be grown all over the world. Woven wood shades are also a budget-friendly product for any home. Woven woods are flexible because of how they are made. This means that they are much lighter than other window treatments, and when they flex, they won’t break as with traditional blinds with hard slats.

Averte, Roman and Panel Track Shades

Averte shades are made into a style much like drapes, and they can slide from side to side quickly and efficiently to allow as much or as little light in a room as you desire.

You may also have the beauty and simple maintenance of woven woods in panel track style or Roman shade style treatments. Panel track woven woods are cut into narrow rectangular panels that overlap slightly when fully spread out on the upper panel track. This system allows you to move the panels side to side to let light in on one side of the shade or the other for your light control. When closed, woven wood panel tracks diffuse harsh sunlight into a gentle glow to soften and warm your interior. Woven wood Roman shades block out sunlight when they are down and present a smooth, flat window covering; when lifted to the top, they stack nicely in evenly sized panels.

We can custom-make woven wood to fit any window shape and size that you may have.

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