Motorized Window Treatments Benefits in Maui: Simplify Your Life

We realize that we all have a lot of heat in the long summer on the island. You can simplify your home by adding motorization to your custom window treatments. They are really easy to operate with a wall switch, a handheld remote or any smart device. The motors on automated window treatments receive either a radio frequency or an infrared signal to open and close your window treatments singly or in a bank. You can pre-program specific times for your window coverings to open and close and then override them with the touch of a button if you need to.

Motorized Window Treatment

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Energy Efficiency at Its Best

Motorization helps you be more energy-efficient all year long. You can time the treatments to close when it begins to warm up in the summer days and then to open after it cools down in late evening. You can also program your smart system to open at a specific time in the morning to act as a wonderful signal for you to wake up with sunlight in your room instead of an annoying alarm clock that jolts you out of sleep. 

Simplifying Your Life

It seems as if no one ever has enough time to do all the things they want to. Motorized window treatments can help you save all the time from walking to each window in your home, business or rental property to open and close each covering one at a time. As an added benefit, you can open and close window treatments on windows that are hard to reach, such as up high or behind a couch. 

Increase Your Home or Businesse’s Resale Rate

When most prospective buyers look at a house, they expect the window treatments to be part of the package of buying the home. It is the same idea for commercial properties and resale value or rental property. In a rental property, you can actually ask a higher rental rate because consumers today absolutely love the automation of any sort. A business or home is considered a much more expensive property when it already has motorization in it. So in essence, this type of automation pays for itself quickly.

Safety for Kids and Pets

Older types of window treatments might have dangling cords to raise and lower them while looking quite unattractive with tangles. This is also a safety issue. With motorized window treatments, there are no cords for a child or a pet to be harmed with when they are tangled in them. This is also a great concern for anyone wanting to buy a business, home, or a person who is looking at your rental property for their vacation.