How to Choose Children’s Bedroom Window Treatments

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Children have the most specific needs when it comes to window treatments. Whether you’re remodeling your children’s bedroom or updating the curtains, some solutions cater to the various safety concerns and inconveniences that may occur. Flexible Maui window treatments address several factors when choosing a children’s bedroom window treatment.

Factors To Consider in Choosing Children’s Bedroom Window Treatments

Children are constantly on the go. Growing minds mean you’ll need a window covering that children find easy to operate without posing any safety risks. In addition to safety concerns and accessibility, Maui window coverings’ versatility means you can find energy-efficient features and more.

Safety Concerns

You should select window treatments with your children’s safety in mind. Avoid all window coverings with hanging cords, wires, harmful paint, and minimal fastening devices. Manual shutters and cordless shades make practical solutions.

Explorative children will benefit from cordless options and treatments that won’t fall down easily. Despite the convenience of moving parts, they prove attractive to curious young minds and may encourage unsafe handling of motorized window treatments.

Motorized And Cordless Window Treatments

You can make cordless window treatments even safer with a motorized control option. A motorized system pulls window shades up without risking your children’s safety. While a remote control can be too much for smaller children, it gives older kids the convenience they need.

kids Bedroom Window Treatments

Consider Light Control

Light control goes hand in hand with privacy. Many traditional window treatments such as blinds allow some light in, while thin drapery doesn’t provide enough window coverage from the outside world. Blackout shades block sunlight completely, making them an ideal solution for privacy concerns and light sleepers.

Window Treatment Ideas

The window treatments you choose should meet all your concerns. Safety, functionality, privacy, and convenience rank high as the most critical factors in selecting a window treatment. Common window treatments include:

  • Shutters
  • Roller blinds
  • Roman shades and blinds

Shutters—Safe and Simple

Interior window shutters offer a convenient and flexible way for older children to meet light and sound control needs for better sleep. Children can close shutters quickly to block out light and noise or open them for improved indoor airflow.

Roller Blinds—Practical and Pretty

Roller blinds, shades, and other rolling window coverings make a practical and attractive option for controlling window privacy. Roller blinds include cordless control and pull down easily for ultimate child safety. You can choose from motorized options and add your kid’s favorite image or pattern for extra flair.

Roman Blinds—Neat and Clean

For a neat look, Roman blinds are the perfect solution. Their detailed stitching helps them fit into elegant rooms and block out UV rays. Roman blinds come in various patterns, textures, and colors, so parents can combine them with different colored drapery and other materials to complete the bedroom’s look.

Roman blinds can be pretty expensive, but many call them the holy grail window treatment for homes with kids. They provide ample heat and moisture protection to keep your children’s bedroom windows free from humidity and other inconveniences.

Children's Bedroom Roman Blinds


Modern innovations for blinds and drapes mean children can have a safe and convenient window covering solution to fit their constantly changing needs. Parents benefit from the energy-saving advantages of manual treatments and the convenience of remote-controlled blinds. Following your children’s requirements for safety and functionality will ensure you find a suitable treatment.

Choosing window treatments for children’s bedrooms doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process with help from the experts. At Naka’s Drapery, we dedicate our time to serving homeowners with window treatment solutions. Our designers will help you select the best window treatment for your kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, and more.

You can find the perfect Maui window treatments for your kid’s bedroom with Naka’s Drapery in Maui, HI. Contact us to learn more about our excellent selection of blinds, shutters, and more. Call (808) 876-1615 today.

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