Window Coverings for Kitchen: Learn From Our Top 6 Fresh Ideas

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Modern architecture in homes has had many great changes over the years. In the past, most kitchen spaces were small and most likely had a small window over the kitchen sink. The newer types of homes most often have a lovely open floor plan in which the kitchen doesn’t always have a small window, but instead, there are likely larger windows to let in natural sunlight in the adjoining space of a living room or dining room. Many times, you will find very large windows that span from the ceiling to the floor or even sliding glass doors for your kitchen light.

Choosing Modern and Sleek Kitchen Window Coverings

When you choose custom window coverings for kitchen, you have the most choices of types of material, colors, textures and patterns. You can create the window covering in your own special style that is yours and no one else will have the same window treatments

Here are our top 6 fresh ideas for your kitchen window coverings:

#1. Considerations in Choosing Window Coverings for Kitchens

The very first step in determining what type of window treatments you want in your kitchen that has just been renovated or just to update your window coverings is to ask yourself if the window coverings will be in a “splash zone.” A splash zone is any area in your kitchen is where the window coverings of choice will come in contact with water or food splatter on a regular basis. These areas would be above your sink, nearby your stove, which can be splashed with grease from cooking, or an area that you use for food prep. If you do have windows in a splash zone, it’s best to choose products that can withstand the splashes and are easily cleaned, such as faux wood blinds, faux wood shades or vinyl Roman shades. These types of window coverings will not warp with heat and humidity that is found in kitchen space and they all clean very quickly and easily with a light application of soap and water.

#2. Roman Shades Make a Stunning Statement

Roman shades mount inside of your window frame for a neat and tidy appearance in any window. On their own, Roman shades are fabric and susceptible to grease and food splatter, but you can have a waterproof spray added to them to avoid this problem and still give you the most possibilities in choosing a style. In a kitchen that is basically monochromatic, or mostly all one color, it’s best to choose a bright color to give your room an accent on the windows. It will really tie in your kitchen to use a color that is repeated elsewhere in the same general area, such as cabinet tops, wooden cabinets or any solid color for a clean and classic appearance. Some of the popular colors are a dark blue for depth, very dark charcoal or even black. For a brighter hue, you can consider a joyful yellow or lime green. You may instead decide to match the color of your Roman shade to your woodwork tone in your kitchen to fit in seamlessly. No matter which color you choose, Roman shades are a perfect choice for a light and airy kitchen space with full functionality of being able to lower them entirely or adjust them by opening them to any height you wish to let in the natural sunlight in your kitchen.

#3. Wonderful Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades fit in very nicely with an island theme in your kitchen and throughout your entire home. You have a huge choice of colors and patterns with natural fibers in them for a sustainable and green window covering. You can choose from any earth tone from white to many shades of tan and brown with accent colors all the way to very dark woods shades. The beautiful natural materials such as bamboo, jute, reeds, and grasses add an organic style to your kitchen for an eco-friendly home. If your furnishings are neutral, bright or white, you may consider lighter tones of woven wood shades. If your kitchen has darker colors, richer shades or jewel tone accents in it, such as on the woodwork or countertops, you may try dark-colored wood shades or a bold color to elevate the appearance of your kitchen windows. You may decide for a chunkier wood to give your space a great contrast or an eclectic appearance. The beauty of woven wood shades is that they allow a bit of light between the weaves in the design inside even when they are shut. If you prefer, you can add a blackout liner to the back of them if your kitchen windows get a maximum amount of light that you want to keep out of your home in the heat of the day.

#4. Fabulous Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are an upgrade from hardwood blinds and they were actually created for areas with high humidity, such as your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms. They are manufactured from vinyl or a combination of wood and vinyl and look exactly like a hardwood blind, although they will not warp, fade in color and they are lighter in weight to be much easier to operate in opening and closing them. Faux wood blinds are an eco-friendly choice also and they can be custom made window coverings for kitchen with a beautiful and sleek crown valance at the top to cover the stack of material when they are raised. Faux wood blinds can be in any natural shade or you can have them painted to any color you choose to add a pop of color in your kitchen. These are very versatile in their design and also very durable–even more so than hardwood blinds for one of the longest-lasting window coverings you can find.

#5. Stylish Faux Wood Plantation Shutters

Indoor faux wood plantation shutters are the ultimate in beauty and style for kitchen windows. They are made in a material that is super simple to wipe clean and they convey classic and timeless beauty in any type of setting. You can choose from several types of mounting such as from the top to the bottom of the window, tier on tier with a set at the top and another set at the bottom that can open and close independently of each other or cafe style shutters which are a grand addition to any kitchen window. Cafe style shutters only cover the bottom half of the window and leave the top open for natural sunlight while you are preparing food. One item to consider with custom indoor plantation shutters is that if you have a very tall kitchen faucet and the window is above your sink, the bottom section of the shutters may not work well because the faucet can hinder the opening function of the shutters. You can choose from any natural color or have these beautiful window coverings painted in any color you wish for a great focal point in your kitchen.

#6. Modern Roller Shades for Clean Lines

If your kitchen is more modern, you might love the look of versatile roller shades. If your window is in the splash zone, you can choose a vinyl fabric so they are not susceptible to water, food stains and grease spots. This type of window covering for your kitchen works exceptionally well in smaller windows. Other than choosing a vinyl material, you have a large array of colors and patterns to choose from in roller shades. You can make your kitchen window bright with color, blend into its surroundings or add a playful and colorful fabric to make it your own.

All of these selections work well for kitchen window coverings as they all mount inside of the window frame to give you clean lines and a great aesthetically pleasing appearance no matter which type of window treatment you choose.

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