Plantation Shutters: Where Beauty Meets Versatility

Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters are Great in Hawaii

Plantation shutters in both the hardwood style and the composite or vinyl style are exceptionally beautiful and timeless. Indoor shutters also give you many choices on configurations from which to choose.

Choosing the Right Motorized Hurricane Shutters

Motorized Hurricane Shutters

Be Prepared With Hurricane Shutters There are many different types of hurricane window shutters on the market. When you live on an island, it’s a big concern when inclement weather is heading your way. You want to make sure your windows on your home or rental home are protected as well as your family inside […]

Modern Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters for All Year Round Comfort


Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters Are A Work of Art Custom Indoor plantation shutters are a very beautiful window treatment that works great in any window or any room no matter the size or shape. Custom indoor shutters can be made of several different types of materials to suit all of your needs.

Top 7 Reasons Why Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters are Great in Hawaii

Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters are Great in Hawaii

Plantation Shutters: Where Beauty and Impressiveness Meet Custom indoor plantation shutters are both impressive and beautiful in any space whether it is your home, office or retail space. They are super versatile in the styles, colors and are wonderfully functional in many manners that work great on the island. Know the 7 Reasons Why Custom […]

Indoor Plantation Shutters: Which Louver Size is Best

plantation shutters

Indoor plantation shutters are a beautiful and timeless window treatment for any home or office. You have choices in the composition materials plus colors and you can also choose a louver size to complement your room and windows.

Ultimate Guide to Understanding Shutter Surface Styles

Shutter Surface Styles

It can be confusing when you are choosing the best shutters for your application in your home or business. There are three main choices of wood, vinyl and composite surfaces. Understanding the composition of each, their similarities and differences can help you to make an informed decision that you will love.