Custom-Made Draperies to Fit Your Maui Home

We’ve Been Fabricating Custom Draperies Since 1986

Our Maui workshop is located towards the back of our showroom, and we have popular stocking fabrics along with lots of samples from our many suppliers to choose from. From room darkening to thermal insulation to prints or simple sheers, we can take care of your needs.

Custom-made drapes are an excellent opportunity to frame a window and highlight a room’s architecture in any part of your home. You can celebrate the natural light by allowing it to filter into your home through a beautiful sheer drape, or you can block out light entirely if needed with a room-darkening liner.

In practical terms, drapes insulate your windows to keep your rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. In artistic terms, draperies add a soft layer of texture and color to match your style, whether exotic and opulent, simple and crisp, airy and light or complex and layered.

Endless Options for Fabrics and Trim

We have thousands of fabrics to make your draperies in the fashion you want, from smooth silks to cotton to damasks, for the level of privacy and light control you desire. We also have thousands of decorative trims to finish your draperies in your desired style. We can create over a hundred different types of draperies with custom window treatments and accents for you.

Window Treatments to fit Your Style.

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Choices for Custom Drapery Headings

You have many choices in drapery headings, including the rod pocket heading, tab top, back tab top, and grommet style, each of which dictates how they will hang on a decorative drapery rod. You can also choose draperies from many pleats on the heading, including a pencil pleat to add fullness to the title, a simple and versatile pinch pleat for timeless beauty, and a goblet pleat to add a formal flair to any room.

If you see a photo of drapery that you would like created for your home, our expert designers can recreate the same look for your home. Custom-made drapes give you all of the options possible to create something unique, and they are guaranteed to fit your windows perfectly, no matter the shape or size.

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