5 Window Covering Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors


Patio Doors: Covering Solutions Patio and sliding glass doors are a beautiful feature in any home or rental home. They do come with some considerations when you are choosing window coverings as all do not work well in this situation. Window Cover Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors Sliding glass doors connect your inside and outside […]

Awesome Minimalist Window Treatment Ideas that Works for Your Home

minimalist window treatment ideas

Minimalist Window Treatment Ideas for Interior Design Minimalist interior design is a quite popular style for many homeowners and for rental properties as well. It isn’t about having fewer items as the name implies, but rather having only items that serve a purpose and are functional in your spaces.

Discover the Best Window Treatment Ideas for 2021 on Maui

Best Window Treatments Ideas for 2021 on Maui

Discover the Best Window Treatments for 2021 on Maui If you live on the island, you realize that Maui has sunny days most all year round with about 276 sunny days per year. Even though the temperatures hover around the mid to high 80’s and they aren’t intolerably hot, you do still have a lot […]

Drapery Pleats 101: A Simplified Guide to Various Drapery Types


Considerations in Choosing Draperies and Styles When you decide that you want some beautiful drapery panels to adorn your windows, you’ve made the decision to have window treatments with the most possible options. Matching the fabric, headers and pleats to your decor may be a bit daunting, but with the correct information, you can decorate […]

Kitchen Window Treatments: 6 Best Tips To Consider When Decorating

Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas

Choosing Kitchen Window Treatments When you are searching for new kitchen window treatments, keep in mind the task that you are trying to achieve. Do you want blackout types or just light filtering or highly decorative? You can choose to mix and match window treatments when you choose to have custom window coverings. Considerations in […]

A Guide to Bathroom Window Coverings: Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing

Bathroom Window Coverings

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing Bathroom Windows Most any type of window coverings can be put in a bathroom window. Which items work best depends on your style, the window size and orientation and if your bathroom is small or large as well as where the window or windows lie. A Guide to Bathroom […]

Window Coverings for Kitchen: Learn From Our Top 6 Fresh Ideas

Window Coverings for Kitchen

Modern architecture in homes has had many great changes over the years. In the past, most kitchen spaces were small and most likely had a small window over the kitchen sink. The newer types of homes most often have a lovely open floor plan in which the kitchen doesn’t always have a small window, but […]

Indoor Plantation Shutters: Which Louver Size is Best

plantation shutters

Indoor plantation shutters are a beautiful and timeless window treatment for any home or office. You have choices in the composition materials plus colors and you can also choose a louver size to complement your room and windows.

11 Best Reasons to Love Natural Woven Wood Shades

Natural Woven Shades

You can find many benefits from using all-natural products for your window coverings. To say the least, they are beautiful and have great functionality too, as well as being durable and long-lasting.

6 Good Reasons to Cover Your Windows

cover your windows

Your window treatments should be stylish and functional all in one product while blending in with your decor style. Window treatments keep items from fading in the sun, give you privacy, security and insulation as well as light control and decorative styling— all in one product.