Which Window Treatments are in Style?

window treatments

Window Treatments Galore!! When you are deciding on new window treatments to replace your existing window coverings or if you have a new property and are looking at window treatments, you will have a huge number of types from which to choose. There are main types and many subtypes as well. Which Window Treatments are […]

Keeping Your Window Treatments Clean

window treatments clean

Window treatments add beauty and style to your rooms in a functional manner. However, when the weather is nice and you open your windows for a cool breeze, the outside air can bring dust with it that will accumulate on your window treatments. Learn tips and tricks to clean all window treatments easily and quickly. […]

The Wonderful World of Motorized Blinds

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are an addition or a starting point for you to have a smart home in which you can automate and schedule scenes for certain times.   Should I Install Automated Blinds At Home?   Automated or motorized blinds and window treatments have been on the market for several years now and they are […]

Awesome Minimalist Window Treatment Ideas that Works for Your Home

minimalist window treatment ideas

Minimalist Window Treatment Ideas for Interior Design Minimalist interior design is a quite popular style for many homeowners and for rental properties as well. It isn’t about having fewer items as the name implies, but rather having only items that serve a purpose and are functional in your spaces.

Discover the Best Window Treatment Ideas for 2021 on Maui

Best Window Treatments Ideas for 2021 on Maui

Discover the Best Window Treatments for 2021 on Maui If you live on the island, you realize that Maui has sunny days most all year round with about 276 sunny days per year. Even though the temperatures hover around the mid to high 80’s and they aren’t intolerably hot, you do still have a lot […]

Window Coverings for French Doors that Exceptionally Works

French Door Type

Inviting French Doors French doors are a great architectural feature on homes that are generally used as the front entrance or a back entrance to a home, but they are also occasionally used on the master bedroom to lead to a private porch outdoors. Wherever your French doors are located, they beg to be covered […]

Best Office Window Coverings for A Sleek and Neat Appearance

best office window coverings

Best Office Window Coverings Choices Choosing the best office window coverings is much different than choosing window treatments for your home. When you make choices for your home, it’s most often an extension of your style and decor that you bring into each and every room of your home. However, in an office setting it’s […]

Kitchen Window Treatments: 6 Best Tips To Consider When Decorating

Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas

Choosing Kitchen Window Treatments When you are searching for new kitchen window treatments, keep in mind the task that you are trying to achieve. Do you want blackout types or just light filtering or highly decorative? You can choose to mix and match window treatments when you choose to have custom window coverings. Considerations in […]

A Guide to Bathroom Window Coverings: Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing

Bathroom Window Coverings

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing Bathroom Windows Most any type of window coverings can be put in a bathroom window. Which items work best depends on your style, the window size and orientation and if your bathroom is small or large as well as where the window or windows lie. A Guide to Bathroom […]