5 Most Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

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Energy-saving appliances and thermostats are two ways homeowners can make their homes more energy-efficient. Why spend more on utility bills if you don’t have to? Energy-efficient window treatments in Maui can help save you money on heating and cooling bills with modern window coverings that are both energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing – no need to sacrifice beautiful windows to achieve greater efficiency! Discover all of your window treatment options today for more information about them!

Top 5 Energy-Efficient Window Treatments for Your Home in Maui

You can enjoy a more comfortable, sustainable home with energy-efficient window treatments. Here are the top five most effective window treatments for maximizing energy efficiency.

#1. Draperies & Curtains

draperies curtains

Curtains and drapes can be energy-efficient window treatments when chosen wisely. While they may not be as energy-saving as other window covering options, they still help trap air in the windows. To do this, place Velcro on either side and overlap the panels for added effect.

Consider investing in room-darkening curtains or adding a blackout lining to your fabric for improved insulation. Furthermore, curtains and draperies provide privacy and lighting control.

On the back of drapes and curtains, the white liner can reflect sunlight, helping keep your home cool in summer when there’s a lot of heat or sunshine. A medium color will let in some light while decreasing the need for overhead or artificial lighting.

#2. Window Blinds

window-blinds energy-efficient window treatments

Vertical and horizontal blinds can improve energy efficiency in your home in Maui. Adjusting the vanes allows filtered light and warmth into your home; when closed in summer so that sunlight cannot penetrate them, air conditioners run more efficiently, saving money on energy usage; in the winter, you’ll heat with less energy since this reverse effect holds true.

Allow sunlight into your home in winter to heat it and reduce heating bills. Passive solar heating can be achieved with window blinds. In the summertime, open your blinds and let some daytime heat escape when temperatures drop at night; this also helps reduce cooling expenses.

#3. Window Shades

window shades - energy-efficient window treatments

Window shades can help save energy in your home in Maui.

There is a wide range of styles to choose from.
Insulated cellular shades are the most energy-saving window shades. Also known as honeycomb shades, these blinds have tiny honeycomb-shaped cells sandwiched between two layers of fabric that trap air near your windows when closed, keeping heat out in summer and cold air out during wintertime. Insulated cellular shades reduce solar heat gain by around 80% and energy loss through windows by 40% in both summer and wintertime, according to Energy.gov estimates.

Window shades that conserve energy include roller shades and roman shades. When placed close to windows, these shades act as insulation and can reduce heat loss by around 30%. For optimal energy efficiency, opt for thicker fabrics.

These shades are a popular choice. Crafted from mesh-like window screens, these shades block UV rays and keep your home cooler. Thanks to their specialized material, you can see outside even when the sun has set.

#4. Motorized Window Treatments


Motorized window treatments offer the ideal solution for energy saving. Programmable motors can be programmed to open and close at predetermined times to block heat or sun or keep out cold air. You have complete control of their operation even when you’re away from home.

Combining motorized window treatment with a Smart thermostat can be an efficient way to save on energy. The thermostat can be programmed to heat up while you work in the summer months and cool down before you arrive home, creating a comfortable temperature inside your house. When combined with automatic window treatments that close when away from home for work, great savings are made!

#5. Indoor Plantation Shutters

energy-efficient window treatments

Plantation shutters indoors are a stunning addition to your windows. Crafted from hardwood or faux wood, these shutters offer excellent window insulation properties – with faux wood having the same insulation value as wood cells. Indoor shutters work best during hot summer and cold winter seasons for optimal comfort.

Reduce the amount of sunlight entering your home by closing them off. Doing so can save money on energy, as artificial lighting isn’t needed on mild days. Conserve valuable resources by closing louvers during summer and opening them in winter; doing so helps heat your house more efficiently so that fewer heaters are necessary.


Upgrading to energy-efficient window treatments is a wise investment for any homeowner in Maui. At Naka’s Drapery, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality and budget-friendly energy-efficient window treatments to fit any home style and budget. Contact us today to take a step towards a more sustainable, energy-efficient home.

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