Which Window Treatments are in Style?

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Window Treatments Galore!! When you are deciding on new window treatments to replace your existing window coverings or if you have a new property and are looking at window treatments, you will have a huge number of types from which to choose. There are main types and many subtypes as well. Which Window Treatments are […]

How To Mix and Match Window Treatments To Create A Layered Effect

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Which Window Coverings Can You Mix and Match? In the past, window coverings were thought to need to be exactly the same in every window of every home. This is not the rule anymore. You can mix and match any window treatments you want to get the functionality, style, personality and light control that you […]

6 Good Reasons to Cover Your Windows

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Your window treatments should be stylish and functional all in one product while blending in with your decor style. Window treatments keep items from fading in the sun, give you privacy, security and insulation as well as light control and decorative styling— all in one product.

Best Window Treatments for Specialty Shaped Windows

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Special Shaped Windows and Coverings Specialty shaped windows give your home or office a lot of great appeal because they are not just the regular rectangle in your home or building. Since special shaped windows are an architectural feature, many people don’t realize that you can have custom-made window treatments in many styles to cover […]

Window Treatments for Arched Windows

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Arched Window Treatment Solutions Arched windows can be quite a daunting task to dress–especially if there is an arch over the top center of three rectangular windows. It appears like a separate arch at the top and three rectangular large windows at the bottom. However, there are a few tricks that designers use to make […]

How Window Treatments Can Lower Your Summer Energy Bill

Reducing Your Bill with Window Treatments

You take many steps towards an energy efficient home. You may start with ensuring that lights are turned off as you exit a room or shutting off the water while you brush your teeth. You use cold water rinse on your laundry and only run the washer and dishwasher when the load is full. You […]