Custom Plantation & Indoor Shutters

Shutters Have Come a Long Way Since the Early Days

Custom made plantation shutters, or indoor shutters, are a lovely way to dress your windows and add a touch of sophistication to each and every room of your home. Due to the design and construction, it gives you endless possibilities in plantation shutters.

Choices of Materials

You have a variety of choices when it comes to materials on your shutters. You can choose hardwood, which is very long lasting and beautiful in any home no matter what decor you have. You can also choose composite wood or polyvinyl for a lovely feel and look to place in areas with humid conditions or where you use water, such as a bathroom or kitchen because they are waterproof. Vinyl shutters also work well in areas of high humidity.


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Choices of Styles

The beauty of custom-made window treatments is that you can choose from many different styles in plantation shutters. Full height shutters cover the entire window from top to bottom. Cafe style is very popular and it covers the bottom portion of your window for privacy, but leaves the top of the window uncovered to allow light into your home. Tier on tier shutters cover your entire window from top to bottom with two sets of shutters. One set of shutters is at the top, the other is at the bottom of your window and they open independently for even more light control.

Choices of Opening

You can also have many choices of how your plantation shutters will open. The double panel style has hinges on both sides and the two vertical halves open outward like a double door opens. You can choose the quadruple panel style in which you have four panels horizontally that open in the fashion of a bi-fold door.

Great Lighting Control

All indoor shutters have great lighting control. You can tilt the louvers to any angle to allow more light into your home or close them entirely to keep the heat and sun outside. In addition, you can simple swing open the shutters and have full sunlight and a full view to the outside world. There are also different mounting procedures that can block the sunlight from coming in on the sides of your shutters with light strips or installing the shutters in your window with the hinges in grooves to block the additional sunlight.

A Stand Alone Window Treatment

Plantation shutters are a stand alone window treatment that doesn’t need the help from any other window treatments to add style and beauty to your home. You also have a wide range of colors to choose from to match your decor seamlessly.

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