Discover the Best Window Treatment Ideas for 2021 on Maui

Best Window Treatments Ideas for 2021 on Maui

Discover the Best Window Treatments for 2021 on Maui If you live on the island, you realize that Maui has sunny days most all year round with about 276 sunny days per year. Even though the temperatures hover around the mid to high 80’s and they aren’t intolerably hot, you do still have a lot […]

Blinds vs Shades: The Ultimate Guide


Choosing Between Blinds vs Shades When you are choosing new window treatments for your home or office, you have many different types and styles from which to choose. Blinds and shades are very popular styles for many reasons. So how do you know which is best for your situation? Comparing both of them will help […]

Window Coverings for French Doors that Exceptionally Works

French Door Type

Inviting French Doors French doors are a great architectural feature on homes that are generally used as the front entrance or a back entrance to a home, but they are also occasionally used on the master bedroom to lead to a private porch outdoors. Wherever your French doors are located, they beg to be covered […]

Roller Shades Can Be A Room Darkening or A Minimalist Style


Roller Shades are Unique Roller shades are one of the oldest concepts in window treatments, yet they can be designed to suit any purpose in any room because the fabric you choose is what makes them unique. When you choose roller shades for your window treatments, you have a huge selection of fabrics, colors, designs […]

11 Best Reasons to Love Natural Woven Wood Shades

Natural Woven Shades

You can find many benefits from using all-natural products for your window coverings. To say the least, they are beautiful and have great functionality too, as well as being durable and long-lasting.

6 Good Reasons to Cover Your Windows

cover your windows

Your window treatments should be stylish and functional all in one product while blending in with your decor style. Window treatments keep items from fading in the sun, give you privacy, security and insulation as well as light control and decorative styling— all in one product.