Five Tips on Choosing the Best Coastal Window Treatments

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Whether you have a beach house or reside somewhere else along the coast, your windows require special considerations to keep your home comfortable and stylish. Keep reading to discover five tips for choosing coastal window treatments that work for your home. Whether you need high-quality window coverings in Maui or other coastal areas, you won’t find better advice.

1. Choose a Style

For most homeowners, the beauty of their window treatments is just as important as their function. The following are the most common styles for coastal window treatments.


From Martha’s Vineyard to Kaanapali Beach, shutters are a timeless style that exemplifies the quaint and yet often harsh nature of coastal life. Shutters come in wood, faux wood, and metal varieties.


Blinds are a great option for staying on budget without risking style or function. They offer impressive light control but are often less durable.


Curtains are best when paired with another window treatment and help the room feel spacious and airy. You can choose sheer drapes to allow light through or blackout curtains for places like the bedroom.


As a soft window treatment, shades provide ample blockage from the hot sun while evoking a sense of indoor sands and waves. If you choose woven or natural shades, it imparts a sense of nature even while you’re indoors.

2. Consider Durability

Coastal window treatments must stand up to harsh environments. With strong winds and salty air, you need more durable options than elsewhere in the country. While shutters are the strongest window treatment, blinds are the most vulnerable to tangling or breaking.

Find a treatment that provides the perfect balance between your budget and durability.

3. Maximize Light Control

One of the most common safety tips for coastal lifestyles is to protect your skin from the sun. You want a window treatment that lets in the light and beautiful views when you need it but blocks it out completely when you don’t. Shutters and blinds offer superior light control, while solar shades and cellular can filter the light coming in without obstructing your view.

4. Keep It Airy

One of the most significant benefits of coastal living is the sweet ocean breeze. The best window treatment lets the air flow through when you want it. When you pair your shutters, blinds, and shades with drapes, you can filter out some of the light while still enjoying the wind. 

5. Pair Multiple Treatments

Drapes and curtains pair well with nearly every window treatment. You can close them over your shades and blinds for increased privacy and light blocking or keep them open to perfectly frame a picturesque scene. 

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