Best Window Treatments for Your New Home: Here Are the 5 Tips to Choose

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Are you looking for the best window treatments for your new home? Making the right choice can be challenging if it’s your first time. Naka’s Drapery in Wailuku, HI, offers high-quality window treatments for homes old and new. Read on for tips regarding selecting the perfect custom window treatments.

Tips on Choosing Custom Window Treatments for Your New Home

1. Consider Your Home’s Interior Design

The best window treatments for your new home are ones that match the rest of your home’s interior. Extensive lengths of fabric covering your windows are an excellent accent to paint and floor colors. Consider the look you want to establish, and select stylish window treatments that evoke it.

Choose neutral, white blinds or curtains to offset light blues for a Hamptons-inspired look. Install Roman shades to impart a classic, traditional style. Grey shutters or painted faux wood drapes lend a modern, clean look to Scandinavian-styled homes. Think about the entire house and select treatments that work cohesively throughout it.

2. Understand the Different Types of Window Treatment

Each of the best window treatments for your new home offers different levels of light control, privacy, and energy efficiency. Different colors, patterns, and materials create the atmosphere you want. The option you choose should allow you to maintain the same window treatments for the next several years despite your home’s interior design evolving with time.

Understanding the benefits and characteristics of each of the following window treatments is necessary:

· Shutters

· Drapes

· Curtains

· Blinds

· Shades

For example, shutters improve your outdoor curb appeal, while blinds and shades offer lighting flexibility indoors.

Dual Shades for New Home Construction by Nakas Drapery

3. Maintain Consistency

Window coverings shouldn’t overwhelm the rest of your interior design. Maintaining consistency between your rooms’ window treatments allows you to keep the mood steady throughout the home. While you can use several different types of treatments throughout the house, it’s crucial to consider whether your home has an elegant or casual design and if the chosen drapery provides a similar level of style.

Consistent interior design with window treatments may mean using a similar color scheme throughout the home, selecting the same detailed design features on each solution, or selecting the same colored hardware to hang each option.

4. Select High-Quality Solutions

Regardless of style, you should select custom window treatments for your new home with the following characteristics.

· Durability: 

Drapes, shutters, blinds, and more should stand up against significant wear and tear. Quality materials allow you to keep the same coverings while updating the rest of your home’s interior.

· Functionality: 

Window treatments should keep out UV rays while making your home attractive inside or out. Motorized options and manual solutions can bring noticeable energy improvements and cost savings.

· Timelessness: 

Curtains, blinds, and other coverings should be timeless enough to fit in the dining room, bedrooms, and elsewhere so you only have to invest in window treatments once.

· Flexibility: 

Window treatments and coverings should offer flexible control over sunlight and shade. Many modern, motorized solutions have remote control features and manual handling.b

Five Tips on Choosing the Best Window Treatments for Your New Home

5. Get Window Treatments Early

After spending so much time in the house purchasing process, you likely want to enjoy your new residence as soon as possible. Window coverings complete your home’s aesthetic and make it significantly more comfortable with advantages like privacy and energy.

Selecting the best window treatments for your new home early helps you get comfortable in your home so you can relax after moving. Whether you choose them before or after moving in, the final option should make you feel at home by providing security and energy efficiency and establishing your new home’s interior design.

Window Treatments in Maui

Naka’s Drapery offers the best window treatments for your new home, no matter the style or treatment type you desire. We provide practical advice and years of experience helping Maui residents select the perfect window coverings. Our inventory features automatic and non-motorized solutions that effectively control indoor sunlight exposure and aid your home’s interior or exterior design.

Look no further than our friendly Maui window treatment specialist for assistance in selecting the best window treatments for your new home. Contact Naka’s Drapery in Wailuku, HI, at (808) 876-1615 for more information.

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