4 Tips for Choosing Window Treatments for Older Homes

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Why Do Window Treatments for Older Homes Require Careful Selection?

Window treatments are decorative coverings that block natural light and prying eyes from passersby while enhancing a room interior’s appeal. Choosing window treatments for older homes can be challenging because you want to ensure your covering works well with the rest of the historical home’s decor and architectural features. 

Before selecting premium window coverings in Maui from Naka’s Drapery LLC, consider these tips for installing window treatments for an older residence. 

4 Types of Window Treatments for Older Homes

1. Interior Shutters

Shutters have a long history as one of the first window coverings, making them perfect window treatments for older homes. Interior shutters open and close from indoors to shield rooms from sun, wind, and rain. 

These window coverings give colonial homes an elegant appeal without the need for curtains. They’re available in many varieties, including shutters with raised panels that fold in half or slide into window wells. Plantation shutters are another popular option that sit inside windows and open and close using a central rod. 

2. Roller Shades

Roller or Roman shades consist of fabric sheets on a roller. You can pull the sheet down to cover the window or roll it up to let in natural light.

Roller shades give you excellent control over how much shade and privacy the fabric provides. Consider pleated shades for a historical home to add a sense of charm and decor without detracting from the rest of the room. 

3. Curtains

Curtains are a common window treatment suitable for any type of home. Their original purpose was to minimize drafts from windows in early American houses. Curtains come in many colors, patterns, styles, and materials to increase indoor comfort and boost interior decor

Eighteenth-century curtain trends included floor-length curtains with decorative tiebacks. Consider this style for your older residence if you want to adorn your windows with curtains. 

4. Wood Venetian Blinds

Wood Venetian blinds blend two window treatments: shutters and blinds. Like typical plastic blinds, the Venetian variety has horizontal slats between one to three inches wide that can open or close. However, you can adjust the slats of wood blinds inside their frame instead of simply opening and closing them like shutters or blinds. 

You can stain or paint wood blinds in any color. An older trend from the Georgian period, dark cherry or walnut blinds add cozy comfort, but a newer trend is to paint the slats gray or white to match window moldings.

Turn to Naka's Drapery LLC for Oustanding Window Treatments

After determining the best window treatments for older homes, rely on Naka’s Drapery LLC in Maui, HI, for all of your window coverings. We have over six decades of experience selling and installing high-quality window coverings, draperies, shutters, shades, and blinds from top brands and manufacturers. We even provide personalized solutions and motorized window treatment technology for smart homes. 

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