The Perfect Window Treatments For Healthcare Facilities

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Today’s healthcare consumers are very particular as they have their choice of many options. If they do not like a facility’s appearance, they will almost always go somewhere else. One way to make your place look distinctive and attractive is through eye-catching window treatments for healthcare facilities.

Functionality is just as important as aesthetics. You can create a harmonizing interior design across the many spaces in your facility, allowing each type of room to have window treatments that address its distinctive needs—from patient rooms to treatment spaces.

Regardless of style, placement, or purpose, window coverings have concrete benefits for doctors and patients alike. In general, window treatments demonstrate to new patients that your facility management is responsive to your patients’ needs and privacy requirements.

Read on as we explain how our window treatments for healthcare facilities products from Naka’s Drapery can provide solutions for your healthcare facility.

Custom Window Treatments For Healthcare Facilities

Regardless of size or specialization, healthcare facilities usually have the same types of spaces. Each of these spaces requires different window treatments.

  • Patient Exam Rooms: Mini blinds or vertical blinds are often good choices for exam rooms. These easy-to-clean coverings are simple to open and close. With just a twist, you can let the sun shine in or create a very private space. Blackout shades are also a good idea if you need dark lighting conditions for your instruments.
  • Emergency Rooms: Our solutions from Naka’s Drapery can do more than cover and protect windows. We can also provide curtains that divide rooms into different segments: thick enough to provide optimal privacy while thin enough to move quickly.
  • Waiting Rooms: A waiting room is an extremely stressful environment. Therefore, interior decorative honeycomb shades are often the best window treatments for these spaces. Honeycomb shades tend to have a calming effect. Earth tones, primarily brown and beige, are ideal color schemes.
  • Lobbies: Crowded, high-traffic areas usually require light window treatments that do not take up much space. Solar shades often fit the bill nicely. They are protective and private yet not as bulky as blinds. Furthermore, solar shades require little if any adjustment.

All of these window coverings lower the inside temperature and reduce glare on screens and monitors. Moreover, available anti-microbial coverings and materials keep all these spaces healthier.


window treatments for healthcare facilities

Custom Window Treatments For Hospitals

Healthcare facilities often have additional areas, such as cafeterias and overnight patient care rooms. Many hospitals also have large office wings and physical therapy centers.

Proper cafeteria window treatments make every seat usable throughout the day since diners will not need to avoid areas with glaring sun. Adjustable solar shades are usually the window covering of choice for dining areas. Most hospital diners desire as much ambient light as possible. A switch or remote control can alleviate child safety concerns.

The window treatments in overnight patient care rooms are important for privacy but also allow patients to see the outdoors. Double-occupancy patient rooms need sliding privacy curtains. Adjustable shade systems help patients customize their rooms to feel more at home.

Individually adjustable roller shades are often ideal for offices and physical therapy areas. These coverings give individual workers and therapists more control over their work environments.

Custom Window Treatments For Nursing Homes

Most senior living facilities have lots of large windows, so the appropriate window treatment shade system contributes significantly to creating an ideal environment. However, it’s not always easy to determine what the proper ambience should be.

Generally, nursing homes are a combination of a medical and a residential facility, so the style should reflect that balance.

Residential areas usually include individual rooms and common areas. Frequently, adjustable solar shades underneath faux wood blinds work well in individual rooms. The combination provides the resident with almost total control of the room’s lighting and gives the room a more upscale appearance. Easy-to-clean blinds work well in common areas, especially in the coronavirus era.

Count On Us For Your Healthcare Facility Window Treatment Needs

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