Top 7 Reasons Why Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters are Great in Hawaii

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Plantation Shutters: Where Beauty and Impressiveness Meet

Custom indoor plantation shutters are both impressive and beautiful in any space whether it is your home, office or retail space. They are super versatile in the styles, colors and are wonderfully functional in many manners that work great on the island.

Know the 7 Reasons Why Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters are Great in Hawaii

Custom indoor plantation shutters are a far superior product over any other stand-alone window treatments for many reasons. If you choose to layer your window coverings, plantation shutters will serve as your first or base layer on which to build out your window treatments. Whether they are the sole window covering or you add soft treatments to soften the appearance, you are choosing the best custom option for Hawaii.

#1: A Unique and Customized Look

Choosing custom plantation shutters gives you many options to make your window treatments truly your own and like no one else’s. It gives you the chance to add your own flair in many ways, such as color, orientation, and mounting that dictates the manner in which they open and using them as a base layer to build upon. You can build upon them by adding Roman shades, honeycomb shades or roller shades to your design in any color or pattern you can possibly think of when you have thousands of combinations of fabric to choose from. All of these items make your shutters an extension of your own particular style that you choose for any space that seamlessly matches your decor.

#2: Energy Efficiency and Temperature Control Plus More!!

Plantation shutters give you perfect control over the light and heat gain in the summer from your windows. This leads to great energy efficiency and savings on your cooling bill every month. You can close your shutters entirely to keep your home or office cooler in the hottest part of the day so you can be comfortable in any room and use less cooling power. Not everyone realizes it, but when you have shutters that are so energy efficient, you not only use less cooling power, but your cooling system will not work as hard or as long to cool your areas sufficiently. This leads to your cooling system actually lasting longer so it saves you quite a bit of money over just your monthly cooling costs, but can extend the life of your cooling system for several more years. This especially saves you big in a rental or vacation home that you own, so you can keep more of the income in your pocket.

#3: Excellent Lighting and Privacy Control

The design of the plantation shutters includes louvers. This is a great option for your lighting and privacy control. You can leave the shutters closed but tilt the louvers to any position to give you the exact light and privacy control you desire. Of course, when the louvers are closed and the shutters are closed, it gives you light blocking abilities and the ultimate in privacy. When the weather is beautiful, you can swing open all of your shutters and have an unmarred view through your windows of sand and sea for the ultimate in the beautiful scenery.

#4: Timeless, Classical Beauty Also Adds Value

Plantation shutters are a timeless and classical window treatment that will never go out of style and they will always resist the need to replace them. Indoor shutters also add value to your home or office, so if you are choosing to sell your property, it will be worth more on the market. The value and the added beauty will also allow you to receive more money in rental properties because they are worth more. If you own vacation or rental properties, this can give you more cash from each of the tenants.

#5: Material Choices and Accented Wood Grain

Custom indoor plantation shutters also let you choose from a variety of materials that come in affordable price points for any budget. You can choose natural hardwood made from sustainable wood products or composite wood with the same exact appearance including the lovely wood grain that is accented by your choice of paint or stain color. You may instead choose a sleeker appearance with polyvinyl to add beauty to areas with high humidly such as bathrooms or kitchens without warping, chipping or fading.

#6: Many Choices in Mounting for Any Appearance You Wish

Your choice of mounting will also dictate the manner in which your shutters swing open. Custom shutters give you lots of options to suit your style and decor perfectly. Full height shutters cover your windows from the top to the bottom in the left and right side panel on the window. Cafe style shutters are a great choice for windows that do not get full sun as they only cover the bottom half of the window and leave the top open for natural sunlight. Tier on tier shutters are made with two sets of shutters in which one pair is on the top half of the window and the other set is on the bottom half of the window so that each set operates independently for excellent light control and privacy. All of these styles swing outward from the window to each side to open them.

You can also choose to have a special opening on your custom indoor shutters. The quadruple panels include four panels that hinge in a manner to open in the same manner as a bi-fold door for added flair in your space.

#7: A Low Maintenance Option

Custom indoor plantation shutters are the best window treatment options in Hawaii with the lowest maintenance possible. They naturally resist dust and debris and when you see a slight area of dust on them, you can simply use a feather duster to remove it. If something spills on your shutters, you can clean them with a slightly damp cloth to bring them back to their original beauty in seconds.

#8: Durable, Long-Lasting and Safety in One Package

Plantation shutters are the most durable products for windows because they are made to last for many years to come and you may never need to replace them in the lifetime of your home. Investing in shutters allows you to dress your windows once in a style that is always beautiful and practical. Another great advantage is that you simply use your hands to open and close your shutters or to tilt the louvers and there are no strings attached, making them the perfect product for child and pet safety. In addition, durability also helps in a household with children or pets.

Custom indoor plantation shutters are simply the very best of the best when it comes to window treatments. It’s an investment in your office, home or commercial space that you will be thrilled with in every manner possible.

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