The Top 12 Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

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You’ve most likely heard of motorized window treatments by now. This concept has been around for quite a few years now and it’s a great addition to your smart home or business. You can add custom motorization to just about any window covering that you choose.

Should I Get Motorized Window Coverings?

Motorized window coverings have many advantages over manually operating your window treatments. They are very sleek in their design, convenient and they operate easily to give you a product that really raises the style bar for custom window treatments.

Smart Home or Business Technology

Smart homes are a great leap into the future in the right direction. Many people control their appliances, lights, HVAC systems and security systems from their smart device, such as a phone or tablet. In addition, voice control options are becoming a staple in homes across the United States. You can find out the forecast or latest news upon request and now you can operate your window coverings as well.

An Affordable Option

At their first presence, motorized window treatments were only considered a high-end luxury item that only a high end budget could possibly afford. As with any other technology, they have become far more advanced and with the large amount of customer demand recently, they are affordable on any budget. You can also have a choice in which type of dependable motor you choose. There are rechargeable motors, lithium battery tube motors and a DC power supply motor.

Ease of Use

You only need to push one button to control single-window coverings or every window covering in an entire room. Motorization means no more struggling to reach window treatments that are either behind furniture or up high. Motorization will also save you some time throughout the day, as you won’t need to manually walk to each window to adjust the window coverings. As an added bonus, your elderly parents can greatly benefit from automation as they often have difficulty reaching or operating their window treatments.

Energy Efficient

Homeowners and business owners are following a growing trend to effectively manage their energy consumption through solar power and proper insulation. Motorized window shades, sheers and blinds will also increase your energy efficiency in any space. You can easily sync your window coverings with your smart thermostat so that it adjusts your window treatments according to the room temperature before using more heat or air conditioning. Some models are available with a sun sensor that closes the window treatments when you are away. This option will help you to control your heat gain when you aren’t even home in the hot summer sun and your heat loss in the wintertime.

Improved Home or Business Resale Value

If you are planning to sell your business or home or if you have rental properties, motorized window treatments will increase the value of your home or business. Buyers expect the window treatments to be included in the sale of the property and the addition of motorization is desired by buyers for their ease of use, ability to sync with smart systems, the going green concept and for boosting energy efficiency. If you are a landlord with properties that you rent for vacation homes, you can increase your price and easily get more money per each rental with motorization. Vacationers will love the fact that they can use technology to adjust their window coverings and they will perceive your property as worth much more to rent.

Setting the Mood

Do you want some mood lighting for entertaining or for a special occasion? Then you are in luck. Your voice command, phone app or remote control for your window treatments can help you with that. You can easily store predefined room moods to manage your lighting, play your favorite music and more for the perfect setting at all times.

Boosting Privacy Levels

Motorized window coverings are a favorite among business owners and homeowners alike to enjoy their privacy. They can close so that passersby can’t see through your windows or block the view from your neighbors’ prying eyes. You can push a button to lower your shades at any time or preset times for them to automatically close. One of the most loved features in motorization is the honeycomb shades with a top-down and bottom-up feature. This feature can open or close only half of the window at a time.

Waking up Peacefully

This is one benefit that most people don’t think about when considering new window coverings. Instead of a loud alarm clock or your smartphone to wake up, you can have your window treatments open automatically for a peaceful wakeup call with the sunlight. You can adjust your automated treatments to wake you each morning by letting in sunlight when it’s time to get up without the annoyance of waking startled and annoyed.

Kid-Friendly and Cordless

Motorization means no unsightly cords or strings that can look quite messy when tangled. This option will eliminate any possibility that your children or pets could be harmed by playing with the blind cords.

Provides UV Protection

Since you will be adjusting your window coverings with a motor, it will help to protect your woodwork, upholstery fabrics, floors and your artwork from UV ray damage and fading.

Increased Security

Window treatments with motors can deter intruders and thieves when they are coupled with your home automation system by making it appear that you are still at your home or business. If you are away on holidays or business trips, you can simply program your window blinds to open and close as if you were home. If you forget this step, you can still control your window shades and blinds remotely with your mobile phone or tablet in a hub-based system.

She Wants This and He Wants That

As homeowners on the search for new window treatments company, many times one person in a couple is more concerned with fabrics, designs and the colors of new items, while the other may prioritize the technology and home automation factors. Motorization will be loved by all who purchase it for all of its great qualities and it can be added to almost any window covering that you desire. It’s the best of both worlds with your choices in appearance combined into a product that’s easy to use and helpful.

There are no drawbacks or shortfalls whatsoever when you choose motorized window coverings. This innovative product will only grow to be seen more often in homes and businesses until it becomes more of the norm rather than a luxury item.

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