3 Ideas for Scandinavian Window Treatments

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Scandinavian decor is popular among commercial estates since it proves minimalistic yet warm, giving way to a productive and inviting environment. However, it’s also ideal for residents who don’t like a lot of clutter and are going for a modern interior design. If you’re one of them, add soft, neutral hues and natural materials like wood and leather to your space alongside these Scandinavian window treatments. 

1. Wood Blinds and Shutters

Whether faux or natural, wood blinds and shutters offer an organic touch to any room. Choose from numerous earth-tone appearances, from a lighter brown plywood to a richer mahogany hue to complement wood floors, furniture, and trim. Adding these rustic elements sets your space aglow with the harmonious color palette of black, brown, tan, white, and gray that sets Scandinavian aesthetics apart.

These stylish slats also introduce natural light in varying amounts, a vital element of Scandinavian style. If you don’t have large windows or many of them in a given room, pulling the shutters up or opening the slats so they’re resting horizontally and parallel to one another provides full light. You can always increase privacy and reduce glare by closing the slats partially or fully. 

2. Roman Shades

Another of Maui’s premium window coverings is Roman shades, which also provide plenty of natural light, especially if you choose transparent ones. Roman shades come in countless color and design options like their opaque counterparts, but passersby may notice silhouettes within your home. For more privacy, consider denser materials. 

Roman shades are also minimalistic, offering a flat appearance that tightly fits over your window without creases or extra draping fabric. You can also choose how you want them to look when pulled up, whether in flat folds to maintain clean lines or loose billows to soften angular areas. 

3. Curtains and Drapes 

Curtains and drapes are ever-reliable and elegant choices if you’re looking for Scandinavian window treatments. To keep in line with this minimalistic aesthetic, consider woven fabrics that aren’t overflowing with loose material. Refraining from decorative trim like valances, cornices, and swags helps achieve a cleaner, more streamlined appearance.

Also, stick to natural colors like blues, greens, and browns in traditional and simple textile designs original to Scandinavian regions like Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Linen, cotton, and other common woven fabrics create a mid-century feel. Whatever material you choose, just ensure it matches your furniture or interior layout.

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Whether you’re looking for window treatments for bow windows, traditional box windows, or any other size, shape, or style, we have the best Scandinavian window treatments on the market. 

Our Naka’s Drapery specialists have over 60 years of combined experience installing and repairing treatments from top brands like Fabricut, Graber, and Mohawk. We also manufacture custom window coverings to suit your needs. So, when you need the perfect shades, blinds, or curtains for your Maui, HI, home or business, call (808) 876-1615 for a free consultation and estimate!

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