Roller Shades Can Be A Room Darkening or A Minimalist Style

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Roller Shades are Unique

Roller shades are one of the oldest concepts in window treatments, yet they can be designed to suit any purpose in any room because the fabric you choose is what makes them unique.

When you choose roller shades for your window treatments, you have a huge selection of fabrics, colors, designs and styles all at your fingertips. The different fabrics provide various levels of light blockage. You can choose a thick fabric to use as a blackout roller shade to completely obstruct the light in your space while also providing insulation and full protection of all your inside textiles, such as cabinets, furniture, and carpet & flooring. On the other end of the spectrum is sheer solar shades roller to give you substantial filtered light and provide minimal sun blockage and insulation for your windows.

How do Roller Shades Work?

The construction of roller shades is quite simple. They consist of a solid sheet of stiff fabric and a hollow tube that has a ratchet and spring inside of it. You simply grasp a pull tab on the bottom of the shade to open and close them without actually touching the fabric. The tab keeps the fabric in a pristine, like-new appearance at all times. The roller shades have sidewinders that lock the shade at different levels up and down with the internal ratchet. The fabric rolls around the back of the roller to remain very near the window and provide insulation and light control. Large roller shades are often automated motorized window treatment for ease of movement to open and close them. The motor will reduce stress on the internal components and allow them to work with ease so large shades will last much longer.

Create a Minimalist Appearance

You can add to a minimalist style with solid color roller shades. The sleek design mounts inside of the window frame so it doesn’t stand out. When you choose a simple solid color, the shades will blend in with their surroundings. This is often used in businesses so as not to distract customers or employees. In homes, this style compliments simple furnishings with clean lines and adds to the sophistication of the space. If you already have a focal point in a room, such as a feature wall with artwork or photos or a bright colored wall, then you want to choose a minimalist appearance so your windows are not in competition with your focal point already in place.

The Addition of Texture

If you choose a textured fabric, you will add a layer of softness to your windows, give them depth and interest all in one product. You may choose a neutral color with textured prints in it of the same family of colors. Textured prints in earth tones, such as browns, tans, and greens are quite beautiful on your windows, especially when they are raised at least partially as they seem to frame your view through the window of the outside. This style is very popular on windows that have beautiful views of the sparkling sand and vibrant waters on the island.

Light and Lacy Shades

If you have some windows in your home or office that doesn’t get much light in them, you may choose to use a sheer fabric on your shades. Windows without any type of window treatments appear as if the space is not complete, so you at least need something on each window. Sheer fabrics will let the most amount of light enter into your rooms, but even when the shades are closed, you will have a warm glow inside from filtering the sun. The sheer shades do provide a level of privacy as well as energy efficiency for your windows. Using a solid color sheer fabric in a white or cream color will blend in with your surroundings. Many people choose the same color fabric as their paint for colors in harmony.

Room Darkening Shades

Many homeowners appreciate the style of room darkening shades for their bedrooms to allow them to sleep in later without the sunlight waking them early. This type of window covering also works well for children’s bedrooms to entice them to take a nap in the daytime or for adults that work late shifts and need to rest in the early morning hours. To darken a room, you may choose a thicker fabric, or you can choose a thinner fabric and have a liner on the rear of it to accomplish the same thing but with many more fabric options to match your decor. Solar shades roller can also be made from a screen like material to keep the sun out of a room. The tighter the weave of the material, the darker the room will be.

Make it a Focal Point

Many modern homes and businesses have specialty shaped windows as an architectural feature to really stand out and catch your attention. On specialty shapes or banks of windows near each other, such as bow windows, bay windows, and corner windows, you can really showcase them as focal points in any room or space. You may decide for a solid color fabric in a vibrant shade or a beautifully colored print in your room’s accent color. When your windows are your focal point, you need only to add a few small accents, such as some throw pillows or an accent rug, to match the color and your room will look absolutely stunning.

Fun and Whimsical Rooms

When you choose roller shades as your top choice in window coverings, you can make any room a wonderland in whimsical fashion. For children’s bedrooms, playrooms, media rooms, and office spaces, consider bold and bright prints that really stand out. Children and guests are always brightened up when they walk into a room with a window covering that beg for attention. Just because you have a home office, doesn’t mean it has to be all businesslike or stuffy. You can dress your windows however you please.

Gone are the days of matchy window treatments where you choose one style and one fabric for every single window in your home or office. The modern style of today now dictates that you can change your window treatments in every room and also have two coordinating fabrics in two separate windows in one single room–and this isn’t a trend it’s here to stay. Roller shades give you the ultimate in versatility for all of your custom window treatment needs.

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