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Window treatments rarely stand out as the focal point of a room’s décor, but they represent one of the essential elements that bring a room together. Aesthetic and practical value are both considerations when choosing window coverings. For many homeowners in Hawaii, the climate and the desire to be one with nature lead them to the same choice: custom window blinds.

What Are Custom Blinds?

Custom window blinds are strong and long-lasting, with a wide variety of styles, textures, and materials available to give your room an attractive, finished look. Though you can purchase blinds to fit most window sizes, many need to be “cut down” to fit windows of unusual sizes and shapes. Custom blinds avoid this issue because they come ready-made to the exact measurements of your windows.

Some people often use blinds and shades interchangeably, but they are not the same. While shades are window coverings made from one or more fabric types, blinds are hard window coverings with horizontal slats that you can open or close to control the light allowed into the room. Blinds also influence the degree of privacy in the room.

Popular Types of Custom Window Blinds

Homeowners have many different styles of custom window blinds to choose from, with some of the most popular including:

  • Cordless blinds
  • Automatic blinds
  • Venetian blinds

Many types of blinds are called shades, including Roman shades and honeycomb shades. These custom blinds feature fabrics and integrated pull systems built inside.

You can use blinds indoors or outdoors. Custom blinds made of durable materials, such as reed, bamboo, or natural wood, can withstand moisture, sun, and various weather conditions.

Custom Window Blinds Benefits

One of the most apparent benefits of custom window blinds is that manufacturers make the blinds to precisely fit each window. Custom blinds come crafted to fit the one-eighth inch, so you will receive the guarantee of a tight fit along the sides of the window where light often slips in. As such, custom window blinds also include the proper hardware and work perfectly straight out of the box.

Custom window blinds come in hundreds of available colors and styles and may be made to fit your home décor too. Custom blinds give you excellent design flexibility, from paints and stains that match your décor or trim perfectly to exciting prints and designs that make them a stylish focus in the room.

Made-to-order window blinds also reduce waste. When you purchase ready-made blinds that may have to be cut down, the wasted material must be disposed of, but custom-made blinds avoid that waste as they come made to fit the exact measurements of the windows.


Things To Consider When Buying Custom Blinds Near Maui

Finding the right blinds for your Maui home can be overwhelming, and even when you have custom blinds made for your home, you need to consider these five things.

1. Budget

Your budget for custom window blinds will depend on a few points. First, are you purchasing custom blinds for one room’s windows or your entire home? Installing blinds in your whole house will cost hundreds of dollars. The style of the blinds, their size, and the materials they are made from will all be considerations when budgeting for custom window blinds.

2. Décor

Then, you want to choose a style, color, and design that compliments your décor. You may want custom blinds that blend seamlessly with the surrounding walls and furniture, or perhaps adding a bright pop of color and creating a focal point is your goal. Whatever the desired results, considering the materials and craftsmen required will affect the timeline for making the blinds and the ultimate cost.

3. Function

Next, you must consider what you want your custom blinds to do for your living space. In a bedroom, you may need blinds that block light and suppress outdoor noise for better sleep. In the kitchen, allowing natural sunlight may be the primary concern. Other considerations include controlling sunlight and managing privacy.

4. Insulation

The weather outside can significantly affect the indoor climate of your home. Custom-fit blinds solve these problems, reducing the glare and excessive heat from the sun, especially in windows with southern exposure, saving on cooling costs, and improving your home’s energy efficiency.

5. Safety

Finally, you want to consider any safety risks associated with the design of your custom blinds. If you have pets or small children, some types of blinds could risk injury or worse. Dangling cords could easily lead to a young animal or small child strangling. You may want to consider blinds made from heavy-duty materials and cordless blinds to reduce the risk and prevent injury.

Custom Blinds Cost in Maui

Custom window blinds can cost anywhere from $100-$1,000 per blind or more. It all depends on the materials, the size of the panel, and the type of blind. At the low end, you will get plain panels made from mid-range wood or fabrics. On the high end, $1,000 or more per panel, you can expect solid wood slats, woven silk, and the latest technology.

Blinds remain a simple, cost-effective way to cover your windows, improving your home’s energy efficiency and enhancing the décor of each room. If you’re interested in locating professionals who make custom blinds near Maui, you can begin by searching for “custom blinds near me.” Or you can go directly to our website.

At Naka’s Drapery, we understand what window treatments work best in the Hawaiian tropical climate we know and love. We also appreciate the unique challenges interior decorating presents here and stand ready to work with you to create custom window blinds to fit your needs and style.

Natural wood blinds, faux wood or vinyl, aluminum, and fabric-covered—Naka’s Drapery has beautiful, functional designs to fit any interior. Call us today at (808) 876-1615 and talk with one of our team members. We can discuss your window blind needs and schedule an in-home custom window blind design consultation.

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