Top 4 Recommended Window Treatments For Your New Home Construction

Choosing all the different items for a new home construction is a delightful process. From the flooring to the cabinets, windows, doors, and every small detail in each room, to the window treatments. Since you can choose exactly what you want, why settle for builder-grade window treatments? You have a huge selection from which to choose in blinds, draperies, window shades, shutters, and so much more.

Choose your style, your colors, textures, and patterns in any type of window treatment you truly love so your new home construction in Maui will be perfect on move-in day. Read on to find out about some of the best window shading solutions for new homes

1. Luxurious Style, Durable, and Energy Efficient Plantation Shutters

If you are searching for a superior window treatment product that also works very well for your doors, look no further than indoor plantation shutters. You have many different choices in window treatments for your new home construction, and no matter what decor your choose, what your color palette is, or your style, this window shading solution will work well in every room of your home. You can choose from real hardwood or faux wood that is specially treated for humid areas, such as Hawaii, so they resist bowing, bending, breaking, and discoloring even in the most humid rooms of your home, such as the kitchen and your bathrooms.


The large louvers give you great lighting control to let in some filtered light when they are open, or you can swing open the panels to have an unobstructed view of the ocean side. When you close your shutters and the louvers, they give you great energy efficiency, so you use less electricity for cooling your home in the warmer months. Plantation shutters as your window treatments for your new home construction are very versatile for you lighting control no matter which direction your windows face. Faux wood shutters can block up to 30 degrees of the outside temperatures from entering your home to keep it much cooler with less need for air conditioning.

You can choose any color of stain or paint for your custom shutters to customize their appearance. You can also choose between several different mounting options, which determine how the shutters look when they are opened. Some popular styles of these window treatments for your new home construction are cafe style for windows that don’t get a lot of sunlight and heat as they only cover the bottom half of a window for a quaint appearance. The tier-on-tier style includes a set of shutters on the top of the window and an additional set of two on the bottom of the window. Each set operates independently of the other for the ultimate in lighting control.

2. Classic Roller Shades to Balance Style and Simplicity With Customization

Roller shades give you an almost unlimited supply of colors, textures, patterns, and customization because they are made of fabric. Choose lighter weight fabrics for a light-filtering shade when it is down or thicker fabrics for room-darkening capabilities when the shade is closed.

You can choose a stunning color or beautiful pattern to make your windows the focal point in a room, or you can choose something that blends in with the surroundings to let other aesthetics take a front seat. The addition of colorful fabric tapes allows you to customize your roller shades with a pop of accent color on a solid color fabric for interest and depth in your windows.


Motorized roller shades are a great convenience as an addition to your Smart home as window treatments for your new home construction. They also work well for window coverings that are on large windows, and windows that are hard to reach by being up high or behind furniture that makes it hard to open and close them by hand. This allows you to control your window coverings with the simple touch of a button, or you can program them in your home automation system and use voice commands to your home assistants, such as Alexa or Google Home.

3. Cellular Shades for Energy Efficiency and Clean Lines

Instead of just choosing a basic blind on your windows until you decide what you really want, you can choose to install cellular shades for the ultimate in energy efficiency. They have little cells that are sandwiched in between two layers of fabric to trap warm air next to your windows in the warmer months, so you need less air conditioning to stay comfortable in your indoor spaces.


Choose from a wide variety of fabrics in many different colors for your window treatments for your new home construction, or you can choose a neutral color to start with. Cellular shades fold into an accordion style when you open them at the top of your windows to give them dimension and interest. They sit close to the window frame and can blend in with their surroundings quite easily in a neutral color.

4. Layered Draperies for A Finished and Lovely Appearance

Layering draperies not only give you a lovely finished appearance, but they are very customizable in literally thousands of colors and styles. You may decide to make your first layer next to the window with delicate sheer shades and add a thicker and more luxurious fabric for drapery panels on top. This allows you to open both for a clear view outside, close the sheers for filtered lighting, or close both for privacy and energy efficiency.

Naka's Drapery added privacy drapes in LUana Kai B309 Vacation Rental

Adding decorative side panels along with a top treatment of a cornice or a valance for your window treatments in Maui will give you the perfect finished look that is Pinterest worthy.

Choose the Professionals for Your New Home Construction in Maui

At Naka’s Drapery, we understand that it can be hard to decide on window treatments to meet all of your needs, match your decor, and look beautiful as well. We are your premier window treatment store in Maui and we would love to help you with your new home.

We offer a FREE in-home consultation with a highly experienced designer to help you make the best choices possible for your window treatments in Maui.

We carry the largest selection of blinds, shutters, shades, and so much more, so you are sure to find something you truly love.  Contact us today to experience the Naka’s difference!

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