Installation of Custom Honeycomb Shades in a New Maui Home

Cordless Honeycomb Shades

Elevating Views in a Luxurious Maui Home

We recently completed an exciting project: installing custom cordless honeycomb shades in a luxurious new home in Maui. The owners wanted window coverings that would keep out the harsh afternoon sun and allow them to enjoy the beautiful views of the valley and the West Maui Mountains. Our cordless honeycomb shades were the perfect solution.

Our honeycomb shades were customized to meet all these needs. They are specially made to reduce sunlight and heat coming in while maintaining the visibility of outside views. We carefully designed each shade to control sunlight just right for each space while avoiding interference with the door frames. The owners were very happy with how well the custom honeycomb shades kept the home comfortable and showcased the views.

honeycomb / cellular shades installation

The Honeycomb Shades Solution

We recommended cordless honeycomb shades, which can operate both vertically and horizontally. Honeycomb shades are one of the best insulating window treatments available. The layered honeycomb structure provides excellent insulation against heat/cold and blocks UV rays.

Honeycomb shades met all the design needs. They provided sun protection without excessive visual obstruction, and their simple, streamlined style allowed the beautiful woodwork to remain the focal point.

Project Highlights

We installed customizable double-layer honeycomb shades in the bedrooms, which can be used for blackout or sheer functions. The living areas feature single-layer shades in neutral colors that blend with the home’s interior design.

The cordless operation makes the shades easy to raise and lower as needed throughout the day. The homeowners can now enjoy the views while controlling the sunlight and temperature.

honeycomb / cellular shades installation
honeycomb / cellular shades installation

Benefits of Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades offer superior insulation compared to many alternatives. The unique cellular design traps air to limit heat transfer. Cordless operation and customizable dual layers provide convenience and function. Honeycomb shades beautifully filter light and are suitable for bedrooms, offices, media rooms, etc.

See Honeycomb Shades for Yourself

View photos to see how amazing and beautiful it looks in this stunning home in Maui. Contact us to learn how Honeycomb Shades can provide insulation, UV protection, and beauty for your unique space.

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The sleek, cordless honeycomb shades were the perfect solution for this new home in Maui. They addressed all the design needs – insulation, UV protection, minimal obstruction, and integration with the home’s elegant style. Contact us to experience the benefits of honeycomb shades in your own home.