Motorized Window Treatments, Shades & Blinds

Make Your Maui Hawaii Home an Automated Smart Home

Remote control motorized window treatments are becoming very popular with the smart home systems that are now in use. Technology savvy homeowners love the simple manner they can use to raise or lower blinds with the touch of a button on a remote control, a wall control or a simple tap on their phone, tablet or computer.

Homes have large windows for extra lighting and extra viewing area of the great outdoors. If you have several windows in your home, you know that it takes time to adjust all of the blinds or shades by hand. You may tilt the vanes, raise, or lift your window treatments with a pull cord and you have to physically walk to each and every window to close all of your blinds at night before bed. If you choose motorized window treatments, you can easily program all of your blinds to open and close at the same time or you can program them separately or in groups in which you just press one button for smooth operation.

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This also means you are making your home more energy efficient if you have your blinds close automatically while you are away from your home at times when the sun shines brightly through certain sets of windows.

Motorized window treatments are the ultimate in safety for children and pets alike because they don’t have dangling cords to cause a safety hazard like traditional blinds and shades. This type of technology is also great for your windows that are hard to reach, such as a large window behind a couch.

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