Modern Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters for All Year Round Comfort

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Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters Are A Work of Art

Custom Indoor plantation shutters are a very beautiful window treatment that works great in any window or any room no matter the size or shape. Custom indoor shutters can be made of several different types of materials to suit all of your needs.

Modern Window Shutters for All Year Round Comfort

Modern window shutters are the “original window treatments” that are used in Southern and urban homes to add some architectural interest and historical detail to your home. When you combine modern indoor window shutters with other window treatments, you get the most versatility, functionality, beauty and energy-saving benefits.

Plantation Shutters are Versatile

Plantation shutters in addition to other window treatments allow you to have both beauty and timeless versatility in your home. You can open your window treatments and your shutters to have a full, unobstructed view of the beautiful scenery on Maui. Custom indoor shutters can be fit to any shape and size of windows you may have including specialty shapes, such as arches, hexagons, octagons, bow windows and bay windows. Your specialty windows are a lovely aesthetic of your home that can be viewed from the outside and the inside and they deserve to be celebrated with window treatments that even farther beautify them. You may be interested in the cafe style plantation shutters that only cover the bottom half of each window and leaving the top half either open or using a beautiful valance at the top of the window. Full length shutters are most commonly used in

residential homes and rental homes for their great insulation factor. Indoor shutters are a base treatment that you can start with them next to the window and then you can add other treatments if you wish, such as top treatments or drapery side panels in a beautiful fabric. Modern shutters can be painted or stained in any color you wish to match trim work in a home or as an accent color for a focal point. The combination of shutters and custom draperies will fit in any type of home decor from the traditional, craftsman, or modern to ultra-modern.

Your Permanent Solution to Window Treatments

Another great benefit of custom plantation indoor shutters is that they will last a life time and you won’t ever need to replace them once you have them installed. In addition, the look is timeless so your home will never look dated and they will never go out of style–so no keeping track of trends is needed. Trends come and go, but modern window shutters are here to stay forever. Modern shutters are actually a large asset as they add value to your home or rental property. Since value is added to rental properties, you may even be able to recoup your investment in these window treatments by charging a bit more for vacation rentals, because the renters will see your plantation shutters as a thing of beauty and versatility.

Your Energy-Efficient Solution to Cooling and Heating Costs

When you combine indoor shutters with drapery panels and close both entirely, it can save you a large sum of money on your utility bills to cool and heat your home all year round. When closed, modern window shutters trap air next to the window and don’t allow it into your room. So this works all year round with trapping hot air next to the windows in the summer and cold air next to the windows in the winter. You can also open the drapery panels and tilt the slats on your shutters to deflect light at any angle for a light filtering solution.

Choices of Modern Shutter Materials

You have three main choices of plantation shutter materials: hardwood, vinyl and composite. Each of these types of materials has their own benefits and their own price points from which you can choose. Learning about each type can help you to choose the one that is best for your home or rental property.

Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood shutters are the most durable and strongest version of modern indoor shutters. They display a lovely wood grain pattern that is highlighted by the wood stain that you choose for them to match other furniture or woodwork in your home. This gives a natural warmth to any space. Hardwood shutters are also easy to repair if they receive any type of damages and they are made from eco-friendly species of wood.

Composite Plantation Shutters

This material is also durable and long-lasting. They are lighter in weight than hardwood shutters to make them a better choice for large windows. Most times, they are in neutral colors or you can have them painted in any color you wish. Composite shutters display clean lines and they are a low maintenance product that you merely need to wipe them to clean them every so often.

Vinyl Indoor Shutters

Vinyl modern shutters may be your best bet in our hot and humid climate on the island. This material won’t warp, fade, chip, or bend in the bright sunlight coming in through your windows. They were actually created for humid areas, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens to meet the needs of the interior climate. Vinyl shutters appear just as beautiful as hardwood shutters, but at a lower price point.

Choosing modern window shutters will give you great lighting control, save you energy all year round and will give you the satisfaction of a timeless beauty that never goes out of style. Without the absolute need to use other window dressings, you might want to pair your plantation shutters with side drapery panels for a very interesting window treatment and then if you feel the need, you can simply change the side panels every so often to feel like you are always summoning your inner creative self.

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