Add Beauty and Benefits to Your Maui Home With Motorized Shades

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Motorized Shades are Here Now!!


When new products first hit the market, they will always improve over the years and they will also be available at a lower price point. Learn about all the benefits of motorized shades.


Add Beauty and Benefits to Your Maui Home With Motorized Shades


Motorized window shades have many benefits for your home, office, or your rental home. They are beautiful, functional, save you a lot of resources and time and they are now more affordable than ever. You can recoup the expenses of motorization in a short time with your energy savings. Now that’s innovation for you!


What are Motorized Shades?

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Home automation is here to stay. It makes your life easier in so many manners. Motorized Maui shades can be programmed in with your existing smart home system that includes your personal assistant to automate many items in your home. Otherwise, you can have motorized shades programmed in with your existing security system if you would rather go that route. We are here to answer your frequent questions on electric shades to demystify them for you.


How Do Motorized Shades Work?


Electric or motorized shades are operated with an electric motor and they are controlled with a remote control that is handheld or wall-mounted. Other options include operation with an app on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. This gives you many options in which to use your innovative shades. You can pre-program specific schedules for your shades to open and close, partially or fully, and in banks of windows.


How are Motorized Shades Made Functional?


There are different types of motors for electrically controlled shades. They may be powered by a lithium battery pack which usually contains AA batteries. Another type of motor is rechargeable and it connects to an outlet with a USB cord when you need to recharge it. A battery pack and a rechargeable type both last about the same length of time–about 6 months to a year before they need to be recharged. Of course, this depends on how often you use the motor as well as the size of the shade.


Another option in motorized shades is an electric motor that is DC and plugs into a power outlet in your home. This type will work only if you have an outlet close to the motorized shade. Additionally, some shades with motorization can be solar powered with a solar panel that is outside of your home.


Are the Shades Reliable and How Long do They Last?


Motorized shades are very reliable and they will last the same amount of time as shades that you operate by hand. But keep in mind they may need recharging every so often, unlike standard shades.


Do Motorized Shades Make Noise?


The original motors for window treatments were audible, but there have been immense improvements in the noise level. The most you will hear when the shades open and close is a very slight whirring or buzzing sound. Some brands of motors are even quieter than others.


Are Motorized Shades Worth the Money?


Absolutely!! Motorized shades save you a lot of time in not having to walk to each window and open and close the window treatments by hand. It can greatly increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your home and works well for tall windows, windows behind furniture, or skylights that are hard to reach. A room with several windows becomes very easy to manage your light and heat control as well.


Benefits of Motorized Shades


Motorized shades have many different benefits that you will reap by having this great technology in your home such as:


  • Safety and Security
  • Save Energy, Stay Comfortable
  • Instant Protection From Excessive Sun Exposure
  • Enhance Your Home Decor
  • Increase Your Home’s Value





Safety and Security


Motorized window shades add more privacy to your home and it’s even automated. Most everyone closes their home’s window treatments when they leave the house and also when they go to bed at night. Having your smart shades close at these times means you won’t forget to do so. This gives you an extra layer of security so that would-be thieves can’t see inside your home and long for your expensive furniture or electronics.


You can also program your electric window treatments to open and close at different times of the day when you aren’t home. This will make it look like someone is home even if you are out of town on vacation.


Save Energy, Stay Comfortable


In the warm summertime on the island, you want to remain comfortable inside your home and without using excessive energy. Your Maui motorized window treatments can greatly help you with this. When the window shades are down, they trap warm air next to the windows and don’t allow it in your home. This keeps you more comfortable while using less expensive energy by using your HVAC system at a minimal amount.


When you program your window treatments you can have them closed in the heat of the day when you are at work and then set your air conditioning to a higher number to save energy. About a half-hour, before you get home, you can have the air conditioning come on at a lower and more comfortable temperature for when you arrive home. This is a great manner in which to use the combination of your smart home products together.


Instant Protection for Excessive Sun Exposure


Without motorization for your window treatments, you have to walk to each window that the sun is beaming in through and close the shades or adjust them for less sunlight and heat gain. With motorization, you merely set the timers to close them automatically or you can just press a button and close all of the window shades on the side of the house that’s getting too much sun exposure.


Enhance Your Home Decor


You may be wondering how the motors look on your smart shades. The great news is that no one will even see the motor used for operation. The motors are streamlined and hidden out of sight so you get innovation without the need to see it. If you have the electric motor option that plugs into the wall outlet, you will be able to see the cord, but that is minimal exposure. This is a much nicer product than having dangling cords that can injure small children or pets. And when they pull cords don’t work correctly, your window shade may open, but be very crooked and this just isn’t a good appearance.


Increase Your Home’s Value


As with any innovative design that is permanent in your home, it will increase the value of your home when you add motorized window treatments. If you are planning on selling your home in the future or if you own a rental property, this can translate to more money on the sale and more money for your rentals. Everyone sees motorized window treatments of any kind as an up-to-date and great idea.


At Naka’s Drapery, LLC, we have over 60 years of experience in all things for window treatments. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide which type of motorized window shades will work best for you and we can also show you many different types of fabrics and materials for the shades. We provide a turnkey service from planning to installation for your convenience. Contact us for any Maui window treatments needs or motorized shades.


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