Choosing The Ideal Shutters for Living Rooms: Types and Styles

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When it comes to window treatments for living rooms, shutters for living room windows are a classic and stylish choice that offer functionality along with aesthetic appeal. The right shutters can transform the look and feel of your living space by adding elegance, privacy, and light control. Here’s an overview of different types of shutters to consider for your home.

Types of Shutters for Living Rooms

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are likely the first style that comes to mind. These traditional louvered shutters are made of materials like wood, composite, or vinyl. They give a clean, tailored look and allow you to control light and privacy by adjusting the slats. Wood plantation shutters bring a natural warmth, while faux wood blends provide durability.

Choosing The Ideal Shutters for Living Rooms: Types and Styles

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters cover the entire window space from top to bottom. This style makes a dramatic statement and provides complete light blocking when closed. It also enables you to reveal the entire window by fully opening the shutters. Full height designs work especially well on large or architectural windows.

Choosing The Ideal Shutters for Living Rooms: Types and Styles

Tiered and Café-Style Shutters

Tiered shutters feature two levels of horizontal panels, making them ideal for windows with a separate top transom area. Café-style shutters only cover the lower portion of the window, maintaining light and visibility from above while adding privacy below. Both tiered, and café options add tailored style.

Custom Shutters

For a truly one-of-a-kind look, custom shutters are crafted to fit any window shape or size. Custom options include shutters for arched windows, French doors, bay windows, unique angles, and more. Work with an experienced shutter provider to create the perfect custom solution.

Choosing The Ideal Shutters for Living Rooms: Types and Styles

Shutters for Different Living Room Styles

Traditional Shutters

Louvred wood plantation shutters in classic white are a timeless choice for traditional living rooms. Consider wider louvre sizes and decorative hardware for a touch of elegance. Add warm, neutral colors for a cottage-style effect.

Modern Shutters

Sleek, minimalist shutters complement contemporary spaces. Look for unadorned designs in materials like aluminum or vinyl. Clean lines and large expanses of glass lend an airy, modern feel.

Rustic Shutters

In farmhouses or rustic rooms, natural wood shutters add a cozy texture. Rough-sawn cedar and pine designs harmonize with reclaimed wood floors and furniture. Whitewashing is an attractive finish option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Living Room Shutters

Unlike drapes, which simply hang, shutters offer adjustable light control, insulation, and noise absorption. Shutters also provide a clean, tailored look and are easy to maintain. With drapes, you’re limited to the amount of fabric in opening, while shutters can be adjusted side-to-side and tilted for customizable privacy and light blocking.

Absolutely! Well-fitting shutters not only look great on small windows, they can also help the window appear larger. Minimizing drapes and hardware around a petite window helps it feel more open. Proportionate shutters draw the eye upward for a spacious effect.

Matching shutters can create a cohesive look, but it’s not strictly necessary. Consider matching shutters in the most visible areas, like the front of the house, and choosing complimentary variations for other rooms. However, opting for a uniform shutter style often simplifies the purchase and installation process.

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There are countless compelling arguments for selecting shutters as window coverings in your living room windows. Consider factors like privacy, light control, maintenance needs, noise reduction and noise absorption before making this choice. With customizable options available and designs tailored specifically to living room windows of various sizes and configurations, including safety for children and pets as well as noise cancellation, shutters offer many benefits that go far beyond style alone. Reach out today to discover designs tailored specifically for your home from our team. You’re sure to find window shutters that meet both form and function!

Reach out now and let our experienced design consultants assist in selecting materials, colors and features to achieve your ideal aesthetic and functionality. Get started designing a living room you’ll enjoy coming home to today.

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