A Homeowners Guide to Exterior Shutter Mounting Options

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Exterior shutters are a good idea when you want to control light levels in your house and also protect windows from the elements. A good set of durable shades can protect glass from damage and give your family the additional privacy it needs. 

Of course, homeowners have many options when they need to install exterior shutters. The team at Naka’s Drapery is here to talk about the most common exterior shutter mounting options in Maui. 

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Shutter Mounting Options

Below is a list of the most common exterior shutter mounting options. Each type of shutter hardware has its pros and cons. 

Direct Mount

The simplest and most straightforward kind of window shutter mount is a direct mount. With this setup, the shutter mounts directly to the exterior wall of the house using bolts or metal screws. Direct mounts work well with most types of exterior shutters and create a flat, streamlined look. The downside is you have few options to change the shutter orientation. 

European Mount

European mounted shutters, or holdbacks, are small metal mounts that attach to the exterior wall of the house. The metal pieces can spin into place when the window shutter is open, keeping it locked in the open position to let in the breeze and sunlight. Shutter mounts can be simple, but there are also several options for decorative mounts made from wrought iron. 

Bahama Mount

Bahama mounts, or top hinges, connect to the top of the window shutter, allowing it to open upwards. These types of shutters also have a metal arm you can extend to keep the shutter propped open. The unique design of Bahama shutters makes them very good for adjustable light control.

Hinged Mount

Hinge mounts are another common kind of shutter mount that allows for operable and decorative shutters that can open and close. The shutters connect to a hinge that mounts to the exterior of the house, allowing the shutters to swing open and closed. 

Exterior Shutter Materials

The most common materials for exterior shutters are natural wood, metal, and composite. Of these three, metal shutters probably have the longest lifespan, up to 50+ years. Metal is also highly resistant to weather damage, and materials like steel resist rust and corrosion. 

However, the downside of metal shutters is they are heavier than other materials. Installing wood or composite shutters is more lightweight. Composite shutters are also highly water resistant. 

Exterior Shutter Tips

  • Make sure the shutters are not too big or too small. 
  • Pre-drill holes before mounting the shutters.
  • Clean your exterior shutters at least once every six months. 
  • Check with your homeowner’s association to see if there are any restrictions on exterior shutters. 

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