5 Cat-Proof Window Treatments for Pet Owners

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Cats are curious creatures that seem to need a lot more stimulation than other pets. They will play however they can, including tugging at the dangling cord on your beautiful window blinds. They will also sharpen their claws anywhere and gnaw at anything in their way.

As a result, they put themselves at risk of injury, ruining your window treatment investment in the process. So, if you want to keep your pet safe while maintaining the integrity of your window treatments, choose quality cat-proof window treatments.

In this post, Maui’s custom window shades experts discuss five cat-proof window treatments for pet owners like you to consider.

1. Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are great for homes with cats as long as you keep the slats pointing downward. Otherwise, your cat will thank you for installing attractive ladders across your windows.

Venetian blinds are a popular choice for their versatility. You can decide to have them drawn or extended and keep the slats open or closed depending on what attracts your cat. It’s also a good idea to tuck the cords behind the upper slats to keep them out of sight.

2. Electric or Motorized Blinds

If you’re worried about your cat sustaining injuries while playing with cords, electric blinds are one of the best cat-proof window treatments you can go with. However, the lack of cords is only half of the equation.

You must consider your fabric choice to ensure it can withstand your cat’s claws.

3. Roller Shades

Roller shades are another fantastic choice of window treatments because cats can’t climb over them. But again, you must ensure the fabric will withstand your cat’s attempts at sharpening its claws. Go for tougher fabrics if you want your investment to last long.

4. Plantation Shutters

If you’re looking for the best window treatment for pet owners, plantation shutters should be high on your list, if not at the very top of it. They are sturdy and don’t offer a lot for your cat to claw at. There are no cords, and they contain no fabric.

However, plantation shutters may not be the perfect fit for your home, depending on the architectural style. Still, they should be high on your list if you’re looking for cat-proof window treatments.

5. Roman Shades

Roman shades can look great in any room or space. Unlike horizontal or vertical blinds, they don’t have any slats, so your cat can’t try forcing their way through the openings or hold on to segments while climbing. You can also find cordless Roman shades to protect your furry friend from entanglement.

Find the Perfect Cat-Proof Window Treatments for Your Space

At Naka’s Drapery, we’ve helped countless pet owners in Wailuku, HI, choose window treatments that can boost the look and feel of their interior spaces without being pet magnets. We stock different types of window shades and blinds for every layout.

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