The Best Drapes And Curtains For Hotels And Resorts

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Are you a contractor or interior designer looking for dynamic custom drapes and curtains near Maui? Search no further. For ideal hotel window treatments for guest rooms and resorts, explore window curtains to suit your specific needs. Find the ultimate drapes and curtains near Maui. Naka’s Drapery offers high-quality services to assist you in choosing the best drapes and curtains for hotels and resorts.

Types Of Windows

Once you decide which types of window you wish to include in a hotel room, your next step is to specify the style of window curtains and drapery. Drapes and curtains serve a variety of purposes in a guest room. The types of windows you choose can help you narrow down the choices. In addition to the aesthetics of the room, curtains and drapes insulate and block out light pollution. Without proper window curtains, a hotel guest can miss out on vital sleep.

Best Drapes And Curtains For Hotels And Resorts

Drapes and curtains often add a sense of elegance and style while setting the tone of a hotel room or resort. As with most interior design projects, focus the design on a common theme and build the room around it. Accessorize and tie the room together with curtains and drapes. Focus on the most efficient window treatments, blinds, curtains, and shutters to make guest rooms feel more like home.

Types Of Shades, Drapes And Curtains

Start by researching the following styles and options to find the perfect fit:

  • Cellular shades
  • Roman shades
  • Solar shades
  • Wood blinds
  • Drapes
  • Shutters
  • Vertical blinds
  • Sliding panels


best drapes and curtains for resorts and hotels

Window Treatments

After choosing which style of window treatments will be ideal to include in any guest room, begin deciding which decor will complement the hotel window. Among hotel guests, window treatments with opaque fabrics, vertical or wood blinds, shutters, and drapes with shades like cellular, roman, and solar are popular options.

By eliminating excess light pollution, the best sleep quality is guaranteed. A guest room should always aim to incorporate the simple comforts of home, and choosing blinds with that in mind can go a long way in making guests feel like the space is theirs.

Energy Efficiency

The selection of the types of window, window treatments, drapes, and window curtains can significantly affect the hotel or resort room’s overall energy efficiency. Cellular shades add a layer of insulation while remaining a fashionable choice. If you are looking for a minimalist style, Roman shades are a functional option. Solar shades or sun shades allow the maximum amount of light in while still blocking harmful UV rays. Customize blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes to improve privacy and improve sleep quality while protecting the furniture.

Onsite Repairs

Need repairs? We will come to you for any repair work needed. Schedule an appointment today to discuss available options with a professional. Naka’s Drapery has the experience to help you decide which design is best suited for your property.


On- or off-site measurements are available for custom or standard orders on any commercial or residential property. Whether you are a contractor or interior designer, we provide guaranteed services necessary for a well-designed room.

Naka’s Drapery offers a variety of high-quality fabrics and styles to make any room unique. Not sure where to begin? Let one of our design specialists pay your residential or commercial property a visit for a complimentary appointment.


Full-service installations are available. We have the experience and skills required to finish the job the right way. From new projects and custom designs, blind or shade installations to carpet and flooring, our customer service speaks for itself. Our dedication to our work ensures that we will always provide the best design.

Naka’s Drapery provides quality fabric choices and innovative interior design insights to complete your guest room decor. Curtains and drapes add the perfect pop of color or design to any guest, hotel, or resort room decor. If you’re stuck trying to navigate the endless window treatment options available for hotels and resorts, call us at (808) 876-1615 to speak with a professional. Let us help you put the finishing touches on your ideal guest room today.

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