Are Honeycomb Shades Energy Efficient?

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Window treatments, such as shades, are essential home features. While your shades give your home an aesthetic flair to help improve your interior appearance, they should also offer practical benefits. Because your windows are points of entry and exit for warm and cool air, it’s crucial to have window treatments that can effectively insulate your home. 

Though not all shades are energy-efficient options, there are some that thrive at providing year-round insulation. Among them are honeycomb shades, which offer efficiency benefits that make them effective window treatments. We’ll discuss these features and answer the question: How are honeycomb shades energy efficient?

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What Are Honeycomb Shades?

Honeycomb shades, or cellular shades, are relatively modern window treatment options. Unlike typical shades, such as the roller or Roman types, the fabrics within honeycomb shades form a unique honeycomb pattern, hence the name. Honeycomb shades have become popular options among homeowners due to their clean, sleek style and efficiency benefits. 

How Do Honeycomb Shades Increase Energy Efficiency?

Temperature control and energy efficiency go hand-in-hand. If you can control the temperature in your home without blasting your air conditioning and heating systems, you’ll reduce your energy usage. If you can’t, you’ll increase your energy consumption and see spikes in your monthly utility bills. 

Windows are crucial to temperature control, as they can allow drafts in and out of your home that affect your interior temperature. While window treatments can help, few provide noticeable advantages in terms of energy efficiency. So how are honeycomb shades energy efficient?


Honeycomb shades increase your home’s energy efficiency by providing excellent insulation. As air tries to enter or exit your home, the unique design of stacked fabric cells in honeycomb shades traps it and prevents the air from flowing further. 

During chilly winter nights, honeycomb shades keep warm air inside your home. You won’t need to run your heating system as powerfully or frequently, which will help you cut down on energy costs.

Likewise, honeycomb shades retain cool air during hot summers. They’ll prevent you from blasting the air conditioning and lead to lower monthly energy costs. 


While natural light brightens your home, improves moods, and can be beneficial in many other ways, too much of it will overheat your home. Honeycomb shades are also efficient window treatments because they effectively block light. Once you feel hot due to sunlight exposure, you’ll feel the need to run your air conditioning, therefore increasing your energy usage.

Honeycomb shades help block the sun’s rays and prevent them from penetrating through your windows. They even come in opaque options that further increase light-blocking capabilities. 

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