6 Good Reasons to Cover Your Windows

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Your window treatments should be stylish and functional all in one product while blending in with your decor style. Window treatments keep items from fading in the sun, give you privacy, security and insulation as well as light control and decorative styling— all in one product.

Why Should You Cover Your Windows?

You can find many good reasons to cover your windows with custom treatments. Any custom treatment will fit perfectly and will compliment your interior design, but they all save you money in the long run too.

Prevent Sun Damage

Architects use natural light to make spaces seem larger and to increase the aesthetics of a space. That’s why you see a rise in the amount of large windows in homes and businesses. Natural lighting has many other advantages, such as reducing your energy costs in the winter and reducing glare from other home lighting products. However, you don’t want the hottest sun beaming in your windows all day every day. When you have strong natural lighting in a room, it will sun damage your textiles in a room such as your flooring and all of your furnishings and they will eventually fade and loose their color. Faded textiles really detract from the beauty of any home and then you have the cost of buying new furniture and flooring on top of that fact. Covering your windows in any manner helps to prevent the damage caused by the suns bright rays. When you choose custom window treatments, you can choose a high quality drapery that is sheer to help filter out much of the UV rays streaming into your home but still maximize your use of natural sunlight.

Protect Your Privacy

Windows that are not covered tempt passersby to peek inside your home. Whether someone is driving by or walking by or if you have a nosey neighbor, anyone can see inside a home without window treatments. Using a shade or blind to boost the privacy in your home or business is never a bad idea. In the evenings, it is especially important to have window coverings because the darkness outside makes it much easier to see inside a well lit home or business. People that can see inside an office building in  the evening will easily see your electronics in use and they may decide they want your items.

Soaring Security

In much the same manner that covering your windows bring a sense of privacy to your office or home and protects it from the sun, window treatments will also help you keep your home secure. Thieves or burglars look for opportunities to peak inside your windows at your furnishings and electronics so they can decide if there is anything inside that they might want to steal. However, when your windows are covered, it eliminates their ability to case out your home or business. Keeping all of your window treatments closed anytime you leave your home whether going out to dinner or on vacation for a week, will keep would be thieves at bay, because they don’t know when you will return.

Initiating Insulation

When you live in  a warm climate, you want your windows and your home or business to be insulated at its best in the summer. Adding any type of window treatments to your windows helps to regulate your indoor temperature. Good quality shades and blinds will block the sun on hot days to keep your business or home cooler and it will insulate your windows from the cold air outside your windows in the winter. The best window treatments for insulation are a honeycomb or cellular shade. It is made up of airspaces inside each cell that create a layer of insulation at the window while enhancing the comfort level of any room.

Optimizing Light Control

When you have custom window treatments you can control the light in every room so you don’t have the sun glaring in your face or glare on your screens of your electronics, such as a computer, TV or laptop. You may choose a sheer drapery to cut the glare or a thicker shade of any kind to block out every single ray of sunlight and act as a room darkening window treatment.

Delicious Decoration

Interior design of any space is all about texture. You can add a bamboo or woven wood shade, a wood blind or a Roman shade made from fabric. With custom-made window coverings, you have literally thousands of choices of fabrics, styles and trim to really bring some flair and style into any room. This is a great way to add another layer of texture, patterns and colors to your home easily. You can open or close your window covering and even choose blinds or shades that mount inside the window frame so they will not take up too much space at the top with the stack when your open them fully. These are all great reasons to invest in custom window coverings. Custom solutions are much more durable and are made exactly to your specifications to always fit in any space seamlessly. Investing in window coverings will eventually pay for themselves in the money you save on energy costs as well as protecting your furnishings and textiles so they have a much longer life. Your heating and cooling costs go down with window treatments and in turn your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard to make your home the optimal temperature–this also saves you money on expensive HVAC repairs and replacements because your system lasts much longer when it doesn’t have to work as hard.

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