Four Different Types of Window Shades

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Are you interested in updating the look of your home with window shades? Review four kinds of shades offered by Naka’s Drapery right here. We provide options for property owners in Wailuku, HI. Let’s find out more about Maui shades.

What Are Window Shades?

Window shades provide a great way to control the light that enters your home and increase your property’s privacy. Shades generally pull down from the top of your window, fitting neatly into the frame. Compared to other window treatments, they often:

  • Provide excellent coverage
  • Are easy to use
  • Work well with automated systems

However, you may want to consider potential downsides to window shades, such as they may:

  • Offer fewer options if you want a billowy look for your windows
  • Cost more than some draperies
  • Not fit the aesthetic of every room in your home

Materials of Window Shades

Our company provides Maui window treatments made of various materials. Consider the following options for your home.

Vinyl: Vinyl window shades work well in any room. They offer a lot of durability and withstand different humidity levels very well. They’re also very easy to maintain.

PVC: This plastic material comes in a wide range of colors and various sizes. In addition, it allows you to customize the look of your window shades.

Silk: Silk provides a lovely appearance as a window covering. You can choose many different colors if you go with silk, resulting in a distinguished appearance. However, the fabric does not work well in bathrooms or other humid areas.

Polyester: As a synthetic fabric, polyester often costs less than silk while providing a similar appearance. Note that dust may get trapped between the folds of any shades that use fabric material.

Cotton: Cotton represents another option for fabric shades. Darker cotton can block out light from your windows and help you moderate your home’s temperatures. In addition, cotton shades are usually cost-effective.

Naka's Drapery Four Different Types of Window Shades

You can review your options for Maui shades with our team at Naka’s Drapery. We specialize in the options below.

honeycomb shades

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades use a cellular design that regulates the temperatures in your home, trapping heat and cold within cells. They provide a lot of privacy and work well for rooms that see everyday usage. We also find that they do well when raised, offering you a minimal stack, so you don’t have to deal with an obstructed view.

roman shades | window shades Maui

Roman Shades

Roman shades give your home a classical appearance. They utilize folded fabric that you can draw up or down to reduce the light entering your home. These shades work exceptionally well if you have bay windows in your home. When looking for the perfect shade, you may want to consider Roman designs.

roller shades | window shades Maui

Roller Shades

Roller shades provide minimal disruption to your view when you roll them up. They wrap around a central tube when you raise them, keeping the material out of your way. Depending on the fabric used in your shades, they may offer you increased energy efficiency, allowing you to lower your energy bills.

Woven Wood Shades

woven shades | bamboo Roman shades

Are you interested in wood shades for your Maui window treatments? Woven wooden shades actually use a variety of natural materials. They often work well if you have a natural aesthetic for your home. They generally look dark and function well if you want a standalone window treatment.

Can You Convert Window Shades to Motorized?

Motorized window shades allow you to automate the process of raising and lowering the shades. We offer motorized options that may work with the shades currently in your home. However, the conversion process does not work with all window coverings.

Speak to Us About Different Types of Window Shades

Naka’s Drapery offers you options if you want Maui shades for your home. Our experts handle Maui window treatments, providing you with experienced assistance from highly-trained technicians.

When you reach out to us, we’ll assess your unique needs and desires for home design. For example, we can discuss the pros and cons of different window shade materials, allowing you to make an informed decision. Find out more by calling (808) 876-1615.

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