11 Best Reasons to Love Natural Woven Wood Shades

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You can find many benefits from using all-natural products for your window coverings. To say the least, they are beautiful and have great functionality too, as well as being durable and long-lasting.

Natural fibers are beautiful to look at, so it stands to reason that natural woven wood shades are a thing of beauty. Consumers have made the move to natural woven woods and grasses for the stylishness and to solve their window’s privacy and light control all in one product.

#1. The Appearance

Natural woven wood shades are beautiful in any type of setting from casual to formal and traditional to contemporary interiors. They have become one of the most popular window coverings because of their aesthetic appeal because they warm up a room, add texture and the natural materials are stunningly beautiful.

#2. The Fabric Choices

Many years ago, when anyone would say natural woven shades, there was only one choice of bamboo. Woven woods now are available in a huge selection of fabric choices from the traditional bamboo to the contemporary white and gray woods. You can also find stunning colors and patterns in rope, jute, grass cloth and many other natural fibers.

#3. The Colors

Since you can choose from a wide array of fabrics, you also have a great selection in colors for each type of fabric. Woven woods come in white to black and everything in between. Many include yellow and green tones as well to brighten a room.

#4. The Choice of Trims

You have the choice for your natural woven wood shades of thousands of trims to add to it and make it truly yours and yours alone. Linings can be added in windows that get a lot of heat and sunlight. A liner will appear as a backdrop behind your beautiful woven shades to repeat colors that are in the room in your decor or colors of the shades themselves. You can choose from thousands of bandings for woven shades in a huge variety of widths to fit any need possible.

#5. The Endless Design Options

You have many choices in woven woods in your design option. Natural shades add horizontal stripes over your windows for a great display. You may decide to use woven shades on banks of individual windows, such as bay windows to really have a wow factor and a beautiful focal point that shows off your lovely architecture.

#6. The Specialty Shapes

One of the things that customers like best about this type of custom-made shades is that they are not one size fits all. Custom made window shades can be made to fit any type, height, width or shape that you can imagine. They can also be functional in that they can open and close or you can choose from them to be stationary on the top of an arched window to filter out the sunlight.

#7. The Operating System Options

You have several options in woven wood shades for operation. You can choose the traditional option in which you raise and lower the shades with a pull string. Another option is the cordless option for safety. If you have children or pets in your home this option allows you to easily raise or lower your blinds with one hand and it has no dangling cords for children or pets to get tangled in. The ultimate in operating systems are the motorized window blinds. You can open and close them fully or partially with a simple touch of a button on your cell phone, or a wall control or a handheld remote control. This system also allows you to program in preset times for your window treatments to open and close automatically whether you are at home or not.

#8. The Configuration Options

You can have custom shades configured in the manner you choose. There is the bottom-up type in which you raise them up to open them, the top-down type that allows you to open them by pulling the top-down and vertical options. Your vertical options can open to one side or the other or in the middle as a traditional drapery does.

#9. The Window Covering Options

You can have your shade on the bottom half of a window in a bathroom to let light in the top and also have privacy on the bottom in a cafe style. You might decide to have a transom covered with shade and have sheer curtains in the bottom portion of a window. You can mix and match shades with any other window treatments such as drapery panels to give your room interest with texture and layers. Otherwise, you may choose to add a beautiful cornice at the top of a window with a shade to really bring out your style and shine.

#10. The Lining Options

Another great thing about custom shades is that you can choose to have no lining, a lightweight lining or a blackout lining in the bedroom that encourages sleep. You can let light filter in during the day and lower the blackout shade at night for privacy and to allow you to sleep later in the mornings.

#11. The Sensory Options

Custom window treatments also come with a free in-home consultation so you can actually see swatches of material and shades and feel them. You can even see a rendering on a tablet as to what your windows will look like in advance and learn about all of your options.

These 11 items are the best things about natural woven wood shades, however, in addition, you will enjoy beautiful filtered sunlight without the heat or glare in your home and they are very energy efficient to save you valuable money on your cooling and heating costs all year round.

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