10 Benefits of Motorized Blinds

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Upgrade to Motorized Blinds to Reap the Benefits

Traditional window blinds are a great choice for window treatments to block light and protect your privacy. They are sleek, easy to maintain and durable. Wouldn’t you like more benefits from motorized window blinds though? Motorized blinds have added functions that make them a valuable addition to the interior design of any home.

You can add many more benefits to purchasing motorized blinds over traditional blinds with a pull cord and wand to raise and lower the blinds and tilt the slats for light control in your home.

Maximum Child and Pet Safety

Motorized blinds do not have long dangling pull cords on them for your children, grandchildren or pets to be tangled in and harm them. This gives you peace of mind that you have a very safe home for the little ones. Children and pets can get tangled in the cords especially if the cord has a loop on the bottom or there are two cords held together by a knot on them to form a loop. Motorized blinds are cordless to make them one of the safest window treatments you can find. They work ideally on any window in any room in your home that your children or pets have access to.

Boosts Energy Efficiency

Motorized window blinds are double energy efficient for your home by contributing to your insulation and light control. Motorized window blinds offer you great control over the lighting in your home. When you open the blinds fully and let as much natural sunlight into your home, you can turn off light fixtures and lamps and in doing so reduce your electric bill. You can set your blinds to open and close at different times of the day to maximize your lighting efficiency. When your blinds are completely closed, they form a barrier between the window and your home as they trap cold air in the winter next to the window and hot air in the summer next to the window. Not allowing outside temperatures to enter your home boosts your insulation value and helps your heating and cooling system run less all year round. This also in turn allows a longer life span of your heating and cooling systems so you three major benefits here.

Protection for Furniture and Decor from the Sun

The UV rays of the sun come through an uncovered window and get magnified by the glass in the window just like a magnifying glass does. Direct sun exposure if allowed into your home can cause discoloration, fading and damages to your furniture, flooring and any other textiles in your home. Motorized blinds are a solution to this. You simply program them to open when the sunlight is not too bright and set them to close when too much sunlight is present in certain windows depending on the sun’s rays, the time of day and the direction your windows face. Some brands of motorized blinds even have a sensor in them to open and close on their own.

Added Home Security

Most people think of home security and window blinds and assume it relates to prevent passersby from peeping into your home when you are away or at work. This is true, but motorized window blinds offer you a much better solution that just having window treatments closed. You can program them to operate

automatically throughout the day even if you are hundreds of miles away or even out of the state on a trip for business or pleasure with your family. Motorized blinds are a great deterrent to burglars and thieves because they can’t see any of your valuables in your home when the windows are covered. It’s even a greater benefit when you have a smart home with automating lighting to program lights to come on and go off at different times of the day and night. This simulates someone being home all the time and a thief will likely choose a different home that they can see in with no lights on.

Improves Your Sleep Quality and Helps You Wake Up Naturally

It can be very frustrating when you are trying to fall asleep in a room and it just doesn’t seem dark enough. Using an alarm clock can suddenly jolt you out of bed abruptly also. Installing motorized blinds in all of your bedrooms can help to alleviate these sleep issues easily. You can select motorized blinds with the maximum light blocking opacity to darken all of the bedrooms as much as possible and improve the quality of sleep. You can achieve this same thing with black out drapes, but the blackout drapes can’t open and close themselves automatically. You can set your motorized blinds to open gradually in the morning so you can wake up slowly and naturally instead of abruptly. It also benefits children’s bedrooms to help them sleep better, get up gradually and everyone feels more peaceful after a good nights sleep.

Custom Motorized Blinds Increase your Home’s Value

When you order customized blinds, they are guaranteed to fit your windows and are professionally installed to result in covered windows that in turn increase the value of your home. Potential buyers can easily tell the difference between a professional job and DIY window coverings. Buyers that are looking at your home will see that your motorized blinds are perfectly installed and styled blinds and they will see this as a

very attractive asset. Smart home automation is becoming very popular and your motorized blinds will be a growing trend that shows as a huge bonus to potential buyers that already have a smart home system or they were planning to install one. The dollar value of motorized blinds to your home may not be a huge increase, but it makes your home more memorable to potential buyers and increases the chance of a sale.

Push Button Controls Allow Operation Without Getting Up

Have you ever been sitting on the couch and binge watching a show when the sunlight gets just to the wrong spot and produces glare on your TV? The last thing you feel like doing is getting up to manually adjust your blind’s slats or lower them so the glare is removed from your screen. Motorized blinds are the solution. The push button control makes it easy for a parent that is holding a sleeping infant to adjust the blinds without waking the little one and needing to put them back to sleep. The push button design also works well for children to use them and have them operate smoothly and swiftly without having to use a cord. Motorized blinds are also a great idea for placement on windows that don’t have direct access, such as a window behind a couch.

Integrate with Your Existing Smart Home System

The smart home system is not all about separate operating systems but how the devices integrate with each other to improve your household efficiency. Motorized blinds can operate efficiently with other smart home systems. You can program your motorized blinds to work with your thermostat, your lights and more. At night, you can set your blinds to close automatically, turn on your security lights and lower the thermostat to a cooler temperature all with a remote control.

Effective Privacy for Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Large windows in any room are aesthetically pleasing and they let in plenty of natural light. This is also true for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is a concern. Motorized window blinds work very well in your private spaces. You can adjust the blinds in your bedroom or bathroom whenever you need to without having to adjust them manually. When you are ready for bed, you simply use the remote control to close your blinds. Most homeowners choose to have some blinds open in the day and automatically close them at night for privacy.

Many Varied Control Options Available

Motorized blinds can operate in a variety of manners. You can control your blinds with a wall mounted switch that is wireless, a hand held remote control or even an app on your smart phone. You can integrate your motorized blinds with other apps that you already have in your smart home and control them from the same area. If you choose to, you can use Amazon Alex or Google Assistant with your motorized blinds. This allows you to control your blinds by voice.

Motorized blinds are the whole package deal as they combine safety, superior functionality and beauty all in one convenient package.

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